Tie Matching Factor – Necktie Color

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When matching color the first thing you should do is look at all garments together to make sure that the colors are in harmony; if you have doubts trust your first impressions and try something different. “Convincing yourself” something matches may enable you to wear it, but youll not wear the combination with confidence. Trust first impressions others you meet will.

But what does it mean to match, and what has precedent in terms of priority? Start with the suit -it is the largest clothing item and will be the foundation of the outfit. Next, pull out a few dress shirts of various colors and patterns and ensure you have two that match the suit. After that pull out a few of your favorite ties; giving the suit and shirt priority, select a tie that compliments your clothing. Most of us can see when there is a conflict between colors something just looks wrong. If you feel your tie does not match, do not try to force it; instead simply substitute it for a more subtle necktie. If uncertain, the safest bet is to stick with the traditional (but somewhat boring) tie colors of business. Non-bright red and to a lesser extent gold and blue will go with most dark suits and white or light to medium-blue shirt combinations. Finally always remember that you want the necktie to accent your suit and shirt, not dominate them. If your tie overpowers your suit, you can bet it will draw attention from your face as well.

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