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Technology has been progressing at a very rapid pace, resulting in new devices being launched every other day. That makes yesterday’s technology archaic at faster rates. This is the reason we witness steady streams of new phone releases everyday. They flood the market relentlessly. The phone that you thought was the latest yesterday, is no longer the latest today, as its successor was just launched this morning.

What can you do? Buy the latest release every time? But that will leave a dent in your pocket. Don’t agonise, there is a way for you to own the latest mobile technology without breaking the bank. The trick is to get something that is not so recent yet contains advanced technology and features – like the iPhone 4s. It was way ahead of its time when it was first released, and its still ahead of some of its rivals, today. Look at the deals listed below as an example. If you scour the net, you will find more.

Unlimited Internet
There are two providers that seemingly provide unlimited data at the moment with a phone contract. What’s more is that they offer an iPhone 4s on a really good deal – theyre free. Yes, thats right, two of the providers (and many more , actually) offer free phones in return for 24-month contracts. The two are O2 and Three. O2 charges £27 and Three offers theirs at £29 per month. You see, with nothing to pay, you get to walk away with a brand new iPhone 4s that has some of the coolest features ever incorporated into a phone. Watch out as unlimited broadband normally comes with usage caps… Dont expect the kind of unlimited broadband that you get on your sky home broadband deal.

Unlimited text
If you are the kind of user that texts a lot then your priority may be a plan that covers your texting habit. The best ones I could see available is the deals from O2, Vodafone, and T-Mobile. They have free unlimited texts. So text to your hearts description. But these deals come with another surprise – a free iPhone 4s with a 24-month contract. Slow down on the texts though or you will end up with wonky thumbs in old age.

UK Wi-Fi
There is also a good deal with 2GB of Wi-Fi and 4GB of wireless data, as well as unlimited voice minutes and text. This contract is only for 12 months, unlike the other 24-month contracts. However, the handset will cost you £57. This is a good deal if you are surrounded by Wi-Fi hotspots and you prefer a one-year contract and the opportunity to switch to another handset next year.
18-month contracts

1GB data and a contract period of 18 months will set you back about £47 per month and a sign up cost of about £159. This gets you unlimited voice minutes and texts, plus the handset off course. You are limited to choosing the white 4s though, but thats fine, its still an iPhone.

Latest and Cheap
Mobile network providers share your concern about expensive handsets, and they have come up with a brilliant plan that will not only help you but also them in the process. Here is how it works; the mobile service provider provides these phones to you at a small premium and contract. You do not pay the complete amount at one go but pay a monthly rental for the services provided. Now, you may wonder why not just buy a phone from a store by paying the full price and then choose a network of your choice? This is certainly an option albeit a costly one.

The reason the iPhone is one of the favourites among service providers, is because they are fully aware that consumers like us are craving for the Apple brand. The iPhone 4s is one of the bestselling devices in its class. Between its retina display, its 3G capability and its voice command assistant, the phone that was released two years ago, is still ahead of many in the pack today.

What are the best iPhone deals?
The best iPhone deals are the ones where you pay a small upfront amount, or get the phone totally free, and take along with it mobile services for a certain duration. The choice is yours whether you would like to own a black or white 4s, both of them have been made affordable because of these deals. You can go online to find and compare different rental contracts that mobile networks have to offer and choose the best from the compared results. The choice should be based on the amount you would need to pay every month and whether allowances in the package will be utilised. The ones listed above are just some of what you can find across the different providers.

Rental contracts
Generally, the contract term for the best iPhone deals is 24 months; meaning, you will be bound for 24 months with that network. Like it or not, you will not be able to switch over to a different service, without paying for the remainder term or surrendering the phone after paying a penalty. You should always have a complete understanding of the rollover minutes and auto renewal of the contracts before getting in to one. Always ensure that you have read the fine print and understood what you are signing up for.

When you desire a new phone, which is out of your reach for outright purchase, you should look for the best iPhone deals and choose the one that suits your needs and budget. Apple iPhone is one of the best in its class. Owning one ensures that you stay up with the technology. You can stay connected when on the move and also ensure that you use features like free Wi-Fi at available hotspots with your phone. It pays to be smart, and there is nothing smarter than to save hard earned money by choosing rental contracts like these from mobile network providers.

Whatever you choose, at the end of the day, what matters is that you get an iPhone in your pocket and do it without breaking the bank. You must look at the deals as a trade-off between initial outlay and the monthly liabilities.
Watch out for deals on older models, as they can be astounding. Look for providers that can offer you options to upgrade to 4G devices during your contract too. 4G rolling out is the big news in the industry and you shouldnt get tied into a long contract without the ability to upgrade.

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