Moving Your Mobile Phone Number and a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Nokia Lumia 520.

When considering switching mobile phone network providers or upgrading a contract with your current provider you will have to review how to maintain your current mobile phone number. Unless you are looking to change your number to get rid of unwanted callers, it is usually a given that no-one wants to lose their present number due to the implications associated with the switch. If you are someone who wishes to retain their number you must be aware that this is not completed using your mobile phone but rather via the mobile network provider. Naturally, when switching providers you may be required to upgrade or alter your handset.

How do I move my mobile numbers when switching providers?
Contrary to popular belief, moving one’s mobile numbers is rather simple. If you are moving from one mobile phone network to another you will have to contact your present provider to complete the switch. A PAC code must be obtained from the provider as this allows one the ability to move a mobile number between different mobile phone networks. Once you have decided on a different provider you are then required to provide them with this PAC code to finalise the switch. All this interaction can be done via an internet form or a telephone call.

If you are looking to continue utilising the services of your present mobile phone network but wish to upgrade or alter your contract package, you will have to engage in alternate behaviours. When upgrading your phone you may not be required to do anything as the upgrade is based on a prior contract and the mobile numbers are generally retained. However, if you have chosen to move from a PAYG contract to a pay monthly deal you will need to obtain the mobile phone PAC code. Certain providers will complete the transition automatically once they have received a support call from you.

Once a decision to switch mobile numbers has been made you need to consider the type of mobile phone you will be purchasing along with the new deal or package. Two popular options are the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Nokia Lumia 520. The 520 is a bit more mid-range than the Samsung Galaxy S4 so you will be able to get a cheaper contract. So lets see how the two stack up.

What does the overall appearance of the phones look like?
An attraction to a mobile phone is very much like an attraction to a human being, you have to like what you see first. You need to appreciate the dimensions, colours, shape and even weight of the body before you are willing to examine the more technical specifications of the device. This is the case when reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Nokia Lumia 520.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 adheres to the standard, yet iconic, Samsung design with its rounded corners and smooth edges. The Nokia Lumia 520 promotes a more rigid and solid form with straighter lines and edges, typical of most Nokia phones.
The S4 differs from the Lumia 520 in that it is slightly bigger in build. However, it is also 2mm slimmer which makes it easier to hold and more user-friendly. The Lumia 520 is the lighter option of the two phones weighing in at 124 grams, whereas the S4 comes in with a weight of 134 grams.

The majority of people, particularly younger individuals, are all looking for ways to customise their phones using different themes. If you are partial to a unique design then you would be better off using a Lumia 520 as it is available in four different colours when compared to the Galaxy S4 and its two colour options.

Is there a difference regarding the screen and display?
When comparing the screens of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Nokia Lumia 520 you will discover that there is a difference between the two. Where the S4 offers a 5 inch screen, the Lumia 520 offers only a 4 inch screen. Furthermore, the resolution of the display is greater on the S4 sitting at 1080×1920 pixels whereas the Lumia 520 offers only a 480×800 display resolution. The S4 makes it a clean sweep against the Lumia 520 by offering higher pixel density at 441ppi overriding this Nokia’s 235ppi. It should be noted that both screens offer a scratch resistant glass covering, light sensors and proximity sensors making them evenly matched in this area.

What is the battery life of the mobile phones in question?
The battery life of a mobile phone is extremely important as it determines how long the device will remain active between charges. While standard talk time for both phones is similar, the talk time while 3G connectivity is activated varies greatly. In this situation the Lumia 520 will provide only 9.6 hours of talk time while the Galaxy S4 provides a greater 17 hours.

While the talk time differs greatly when the 3G connection is activated, the stand-by time with 3G activation is quite similar. This stand-by time sits at 15.4 days for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and at 15 days for the Nokia Lumia 520. As the Nokia does not offer any 4G connections it is pointless to compare any 4G connection activated talk time averages.

What should I look for when examining the hardware of the phones?
When reviewing the hardware of a mobile phone you must take into consideration specific technical features such as the system chip, the processor, the graphics processor, the built-in memory, the system memory and the option of extendable memory.

The Nokia Lumia 520 and Samsung Galaxy S4 are rather up-to-date mobile phones and runoff the same Snapdragon system chip; however this is where the similarity ends regarding technical specifications. Where the S4 presents with a quad-core processor, the Lumia 520 offers only a dual-core processor; and while both have Adreno graphics processors the S4 processor is a newer version. Furthermore, the S4 providers the user with a greater built-in memory of 16GB whereas the Lumia 520 offers a mere 8GB built-in memory. It should be noted that both allow for memory expansion via the use of a microSD card.

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