If You Need Cool and Durable Bowling Shoes Read This

In this article I will be reviewing the latest 2014 line bowling shoes from 3G Bowling. Im pretty sure you know that 3G Bowling is a subdivision of 900 Global one of the big U.S. manufacturers of balls, bags and shoes. At the same time 3G is among the top 4 manufacturers of bowling shoes in the States along with Brunswick, Storm and Dexter. The 2013/2014 line has shoes for men, women and 2 models that can be worn by both men and women.

The line for men line has the following 4 models: Sports Classic, Sport Deluxe, Sport Ultra and Tour Ultra. Colors are primarily dark black, dark blue and brown with the exception being Sport and Tour Ultra which are white.

They are priced between $89.99 and $179.99 which makes me wonder why they have abandoned the low end of the market (if you dont know what I mean check out the shoes you can get from Brunswick for less than $40.

As for the womens shoes 3G has the following three models: Kicks, Sport Classic and Tour Ultra priced between $37.99 for the Kicks and $159.99 for the Tour Ultra.

The Kicks model is available in black and white and priced at 37.99 which makes it a good entry shoe for the rookie bowler.

The shoes in both lines come with the standard for the industry 12months warranty which I think isnt that much compared to their bags warranties.

Luckily a while ago I found a website that gives an additional 1 year warranty on all 3G shoes plus free both ways shipping.

If youre curious what that site is you can check it out at LongLiveBowling.com. The additional year of warranty means that you can return the shoes you bought from them (they will pay for shipping) as long as they are in sellable condition.

Im pretty sure you wont be able to find another website that gives you more for your money. Feel free to check out the big boys in the bowling business. If you visited their sites you would see they all charge restocking fees as high as 15% and you pay for the return.

If you are wondering why LongLiveBowling doesnt have restocking fees like all other sites out there the reason is very simple. As a new business they need a way to stand out from the crowd and be noticed by their potential customers.

Would you bet with me that the free shipping and no restocking charges will work wonders for LongLiveBowling.com? My guess is that once theyve got enough clients they will introduce restocking and handling fees.

But for now it is what it is which means that if you want to take advantage of their generosity you need to hop onto their site right now.

An interesting artifact is that the man who owns and runs the site – Sean Klug is a former coach of the US Bowling team. Whats more he has been in bowling for more than thirty years initially as a bowler (starting at the ripe age of 4) and then as a pro shop owner and then coach. What that means is that hes seen pretty much everything in bowling.

The good thing is that you can take advantage of his wide knowledge. You can go to the website and ask him all your bowling-related questions and get answers from him completely free.

Again, as far as I know LongLiveBowling.com is the only website that offers that and if I were you I would head on to the site immediately to check out their line of 3G bowling shoes. And while on the site why don’t you check out their 3G bowling shoes blog review.

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