32334Secrets To A Durable Nail Beauty Manicure

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Looking to enhance your looks through nail beauty manicure? Well, with the introduction of various types of nail manicures, there is a reason for you to smile. Some of the commonly considered types of manicures include the French manicure, Basic Manicure, Paraffin Manicure, Gel manicure, Reverse French manicure and the American manicure. These manicures can work perfectly with any nails regardless of how weird and horrible your nails look. Some women consider combining nail beauty manicure with 3D nails to enjoy a lasting nail decoration.
Nail beauty manicure is not only done for fun but also to enhance the tidiness of the nails. Furthermore, you need to protect your nails from any form of damage such as chipping and cracking. Nails are susceptible to these types of damages because of the regular household chores women tend to indulge in. In most cases, these chores tend to expose their nails to water, which is a major cause for the cracking and chipping of nails.

To ensure that your nail beauty manicure lasts, you will have to consider a number of things. These include establishing a baseline, monitoring the heat, scrubbing using an old toothbrush and skipping the bath. All these steps, when followed meticulously, could help you if you are a fan of 3D nails as they could perfectly work with them.

It is always preferable to establish a base coat whenever you intend to apply 3D nails polish or any other types of nail polishes. A base coat is essential in providing a seal in which your nail polish could adhere to appropriately. Besides, a base coat usually contains ingredients that are essential in smoothing the nail surface, which enables the polish to slide evenly for durability. Additionally, you will also relish healthy looking nails as the base coat will protect your nails from splitting, breaking and peeling.

Before preparing to fix your 3D nails, you can consider using a toothbrush to prepare your nails for a durable nail beauty manicure. An old toothbrush can work magic on your nails despite looking useless. You can use it to remove grime and dirt by brushing. To add a bright and white refreshing feeling to your nails, you can include toothpaste on your list.

While applying heat to your nails is important for speeding up the drying process, a lot of heat would reduce the lifespan of your nails. To ensure that your manicured nails dry perfectly, consider using a salon’s air dryer. This usually uses cool air and will dry your nails flawlessly. Having dried your nails, avoid blowing them with your breath, using hot showers or saunas or using hot or warm water for the following 12 hours.

Many manicurists include the relaxing hand soak as part of the nail beauty manicure they offer their customers. What you may not be aware of is the fact that this process ends up shortening your polish lifespan and you are likely to opt for their services frequently. To save yourself the hassle of having to visit your nail salon now and then, you should always steer clear of soaking your nails before getting a manicure. Typically, when nails absorb water, they expand, and after a manicure, they contract thereby resulting in the cracking and chipping of the polish.

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