Samsung Galaxy S3 – Best Deals for Business Users

As a business user your demands are going to be higher than the average person’s. You need a package which offers you plenty of data, lots of call time and a great deal of texts.

User Interface
You will also require a handset which reacts well to a high level of performance demands. You will want something with an easy UI (User Interface) to navigate and you will want speed. The Galaxy S3 fits this bill perfectly. The main feature within the hardware which makes the S3 so appropriate for the business user is the quad-core processor found inside. This makes easy work of multi-tasking and running high powered applications.

Professional Needs
You will also appreciate the 4.7 inch screen which makes reading those important documents and sending emails whilst on the train a whole lot easier. Overall the S3 represents a great choice for those with more professional needs. So without further ado, let us look into the options and try to find the Galaxy S3 best deals on the UK market right now:

Galaxy S3 Best Deals on Contract
On a contract basis you will be able to select from a twelve month, eighteen month or twenty four month arrangement depending on your personal requirements and preference. It should be noted that the better deals exist on the longer term contracts, but depending on whether or not you are happy to spend some money upfront to get the handset, the monthly instalments can be very attractive when you consider the package you are getting, regardless of the term.

24 Month Contract Deals
Let us begin with the best deal overall which will meet the demands of you as a business person. A twenty four month contract may seem like a long time, but many businesses will choose this structure due to the excellent long term value it represents. It is a perfectly standard contract to enter in to, and when you take into account the overall benefits, it seems to make perfect sense.

For the high level usage requirements of a business user, 3 Mobile completely dominate the twenty four month contract option. The best deal available with them gives the user 2000 minutes of call time per month, 5000 texts and unlimited data. The phone is free and the price is £25 per month. At £600 for two years there really is no better value deal out there right now with these bundles.

Unlimited data usually will not come cheap, but 3 Mobile have certainly cornered the market and this contract is proving extremely popular amongst both business and general high-end users.

18 Month Contract Deals
As an astute business person, perhaps you can see that the idea of being tied in to a two year deal in an ever-changing market may not be ideal at all. If that is the case, the eighteen month term offers a happy medium between short and long term, however the overall costs are higher and the data allowance is not anywhere near to the bundles found on the longer term.

As far as the cheapest price goes with the maximum amount of call time, data and texts, the outright winner is T-Mobile. For £36 per month you can get yourself a package which includes six hundred minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data. On the Samsung Galaxy S3 over eighteen months, 1GB is the maximum allowance on data currently available. It seems odd that that is case, but if you want to negotiate an extension you should call the provider and see what they can do for you. There is nothing in this world which is not negotiable after all.

If ten hours of call time per month is not enough, you can go for the same package but with nine hundred minutes for £41 with T-Mobile. It still represents the best deal within those criteria by quite a distance.

12 Month Contract Deals
Twelve month contracts are not always going to be able to offer you the same in terms of value as the longer terms can, but if you look hard enough there is always a provider out there who is happy to meet your demands for a reasonable price. In this case it is Vodafone who come up with the best packages.
The handset is free, and you get unlimited calls and unlimited texts and 1GB of data all for £47 per month. By some distance the best option on twelve months. However if you compare it to the best on twenty four months, you are paying £564 for one year here, whereas you are paying £600 for two years on the longer term. From a business perspective, it is really not hard to see the sensible option.

If you like the twelve months and you like the calls and texts, but the data is not enough, Vodafone also offer the same contract but they double the data allowance to 2GB for an extra £5 so this may represent a better option for you.

In Conclusion…
As far as deals go, it is clear that the twenty four month option stands head and shoulders above any of the others. In a perfect world the ideal scenario would be that you could benefit from the bundles and price points offered on the twenty four month option, but take it over twelve months instead. Unfortunately it is far from a perfect world and no such deal exists on the Samsung Galaxy S3……Yet.

Taking the twenty four month option should not really represent much of a concern to most businesses, and of course if you are a business owner with many employees you will need to get multiple handsets and multiple contracts. This puts you in a position of great power in terms of negotiation, every mobile phone network has a designated business team who are expressly charged with securing long term multiple contracts, What they can offer you is the potential to get the overall individual monthly fee per contract reduced substantially for bulk purchasing.

When looking for a new smartphone, Phil Turner found that some of the Samsung Galaxy S3 best deals are to be found online.

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