Breaking Through the Confusion of Premium Smartphone Offerings

It can be really confusing when you walk into a Carphone Warehouse, or another specialist phone outlet, and see all of the choices on offer. When you speak to the sales agents they tell you this phone has these megapixels on the camera, another phone has 500 pixels per inch, and this phone only has a dual core rather than a quad core. But what does it all mean? It really is confusing.

In this article, we’ll take a no nonsense look at the top ten mobile phones available in the industry at the moment. The list is subjective, but the top ten here is what you’ll find are the generally accepted top 10 mobile phones amongst pundits and knowledgeable punters.

So, without further ado, let’s move on to my first choice.

The Samsung Galaxy S4
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a packed phone with features that are frankly extraordinary. It has a 13 megapixel camera and a cracking 5 inch screen. The screen is much better than the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is a surprise because this S3 was the benchmark in the industry last year. It also has Eye Tracking technology, so with the tilt of your head, you can scroll around the screen. This is a real innovation.It certainly has lived up to the hype before release.

The phone is available in 16 gigabyte, 32 gigabyte and 64 gigabyte variants. All have the addition of a micro SD card slot, meaning, you can expand by another 64 gigabytes. You’re going to have plenty of space. The screen is full HD, the phone is only 7.9mm thick, and the phone weighs 130 grams. It is a very good phone, and probably the best on the market at the moment, although HTC may contest this with their phone, the HTC One.

The Blackberry Q10
This is a new addition to the top ten mobile phones offerings list. It is a Blackberry using the new operating system, but also sporting a physical keyboard. Many had thought that the physical keyboard was going to disappear from the market. But Blackberry is bucking this trend, and this niche-focused phone will certainly gain some admirers. It’s good for both personal users and business users, and is extremely functional. It looks good, has a dual core processor, meaning it has quite a lot of power, but not as much as the quad cores. It has extra memory capacity on top of the 16 gigabytes of storage with the utilization of your micro SD card slots, and the camera is 8 megapixels. The camera used to be a problem on Blackberry phones, but they seem to have resolved the issue and now produce some pretty decent pictures.

The Sony Xperia Z
The Sony Xperia Z is a cracking phone. It’s for me in the top 3 out there. It has a 13 megapixel camera that takes cracking photos amongst of the best of any smartphone out there. Its 5 inch screen is again up there with the best with over 400 pixels per inch and it has a micro SD card slot to go alongside the 16 gigabytes of on-board storage.

To put that into context, 16 gigabytes is about 15 – 25 high definition movies, and with the addition of a 64 gigabyte SD card, you’ll have plenty of space. The phone is very thin at 7.9mm and is very comfortable in the hand and perhaps one of the sexiest phones in the market at the moment.

Samsung Galaxy S3
This phone led the top 10 mobile phone’s list back in 2012 and remains right up there in the top 10 today. It was truly dominant in the Android market and still is a cracking phone. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has improved upon it with a faster processor, a bigger screen, and a significantly a better camera. But this still remains an extremely good Android phone that is right up there with the best.

Google LG Nexus 4 Google’s phone retails at around £239. This is incredible value considering the specifications it holds. It has an 8 megapixel camera, quad core processor, 4.7 inch screen and 8 or 16 gigabytes of storage. Unfortunately, you will not get additional storage capacity through a micro SD card slot, but then Google offers you free access to Google docs and Cloud storage services. Cloud is certainly the way that mobile phones are going, so you can get over the limited memory if you really want to. Perhaps the best value phone on the market t the moment and certainly a strong one up for a top 5 place.

The HTC 1 Many people have this as number one in the top 10 mobile phones’ list. It is a beautiful phone that is premium and feels priceless in the hand. It has a quad core 1.7 gigahertz processor, that means, everything is fast and snappy. You won’t find applications struggling at all on this phone. It has new technology for the camera using ultra pixels which takes very good pictures, but perhaps not quite up to the same level as the Samsung Galaxy S4 in poor light conditions.

The Apple iPhone 5
The Apple iPhone 5 was much criticized by pundits for its lack of innovation over the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. In fact, most of the features you’ll find on the iPhone 5, you can also find on the iPhone 4. However, it is an iconic design, it has a screen that is 4 inches instead of 0.5 less at 3.5 inches. It has smooth performance, and of course, all of the aps will work on the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2
This is a 5.5 inch beast of a phone. It comes with a stylus and it’s something a bit different. For many, it was gadget of the year in 2012 and it certainly packs a punch in terms of processor, screen quality and screen size. It comes in variants of 16, 32, and 64 gigabytes of storage, and includes a micro SD card slot. Its cameras are very good at 8 megapixels, although the resolution is not as high as some of the other phones out there at the moment, and the pixels per inch are below 300. All in all, a superb phone that you’ll either love or hate.

The Nokia Lumia 920 The top 10 mobile phones list of manufacturers has always seen Nokia slip out. But with the Lumia 920, they are firmly back into the top 10 of mobile phones. They have raided the research laboratory to bring a really classy phone that is well- built as are all Nokia phones. It sports the Windows Operating system and is a flamboyant, usable, and quality phone with an 8.7 megapixel camera, a 4.5 inch screen, and 32 gigabytes of on-board storage.

The iPhone 4S
You may be surprised to see this phone in the top 10 mobile phones list, but it certainly still is relevant today. You can get some really good deals now that the iPhone 5 is out because it is in less demand. Most of the features you’ll find on the iPhone 5 are on the iPhone 4S, and you have a good camera, good power of performance, and a very nice screen. If you want an iconic iPhone, but don’t want to spend almost –600 or even more, then the iPhone 4S might be the phone for you.

So, there you have it. A look at some of the best phones available on the smartphone market. Hopefully, everything will be a bit clearer now. For me, the top 3 are the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC1 followed by the Sony Xperia Z.

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