4G Motorola DROID Maxx vs. The 3G LG G2

Today’s mobile market is swamped with great, and sometimes pricey, new cell phones. 2013 is shaping up to be a big year for mobiles, with some hefty and eagerly awaited new releases. But all this choice means that you as a consumer have a difficult decision to make. Just how are you supposed to choose between all these great models? When you’re looking at buying a new phone, you obviously want to make sure that your money is being well spent, not least because you’re going to be dropping a fair amount of cash on your new device. But all the technical jargon and confusing numbers associated with the features on individual mobiles can make knowing which is the better phone a tough job. Ideally, you want to match phones up head to head so that you can find out which performs better and therefore which is the better buy; but that’s not always possible. However, we’re here to help you out. We’ve taken some of the newest phones on the market and pitched them up against each other to find out which is best, so that you can make a better purchasing decision. Want to know about today’s competitors? Then read on to find out more…
Today’s Two Phones…
LG isn’t everyone’s first choice when it comes to mobile phone brands. However, the company have begun to get a great reputation for making some pretty decent value for money phones. The key characteristic of most recent LG releases has been that the company’s devices retail for middle market prices and yet have top of the range features. Their newest offering is the LG G2, a sleek looking device that’s just hit the market. But it is retailing at a slightly higher price point than past releases from LG, so is it worth spending that little bit extra? Motorola, on the other hand, is a rightfully big name in the world of mobile phones. One of the original phone companies, and the designer of the renowned Razer series, Motorola have done great things. Sadly, with the advent of manufacturers like Samsung and Apple, Motorola have steadily been losing market share. But a Google partnership is looking to change this. The brand new Motorola DROID Maxx is a great little phone, with some pretty big features for its price. Can Motorola regain their customer base with the DROID Maxx?
The Price Tag…
Both of these phones are new releases and prices aren’t set in stone yet, since some operators have yet to pick up the models. But you can expect to pay a healthy sum for both the Motorola and the LG. It looks like the Motorola DROID Maxx is going to retail at around four hundred and fifty pounds, whilst the LG G2 looks set to go for a little more at around five hundred pounds. So you are looking at making a fair investment here.
The LG G2…
The G2 does have some pretty neat features as well as some solid advantages over the DROID. The LG model has by far the fastest processor. In fact it comes with a massive 2300 MHz processor that’s one of the biggest and fastest on the current market, and it simply dwarfs the puny 1700 MHz model on the DROID. Both phones have large, five inch screens, as we’d expect to see on the latest releases, but the screen quality on the G2 is far better. You get around two and a half times higher screen resolution as well as about fifty per cent more PPI (pixels per inch), meaning that the display on the G2 is brighter, crisper and sharper than that on the DROID. The G2 also comes with a higher resolution camera. The 13 MP in built cam on the G2 takes in far more fine detail than the 10 MP camera on the DROID, resulting in pictures that are better quality and better defined. There is a built in FM radio on the G2, which isn’t really a necessity these days with so many great radio and music apps on the market, but some customers do like to have instant radio access. And finally, the G2 is lighter, by around ten per cent or so. The LG G2 weighs in at 143 grams versus 167 grams on the DROID. That might not seem like a huge difference, but every little but helps when it comes to portability, and those extra few grams do make the DROID just a little harder to carry around in your pocket all day.
The Motorola DROID Maxx…
Faced with that kind of competition there’s really not an awful lot that the DROID can do. There are a couple of advantages to the Motorola though. Firstly, it does have a nice Super AMOLED screen, rather than the older LCD technology that’s used on the G2. That means better and more vivid colour reproduction, but when compared to the higher resolution and PPI on the G2 the screen material doesn’t really seem to matter that much. The camera on the DROID might have lower resolution, but it does shoot higher definition video than that on the G2, which you might want to keep in mind if you’re a keen film maker. Finally, and maybe most importantly, the DROID is a full 4g capable model, whilst the G2 is only 3.5g. Traditionally mobiles are 3g phones, using a networks 3g signal to get an internet connection. However, with 4g you’ll get far faster mobile internet speeds, which can be a big selling point for many. 3g phones are rapidly losing popularity, and 4g is going to become the standard within the next couple of years.
Which to Buy?
These are both excellent devices, and actually have many similarities. We do like the 4g capability on the Motorola DROID Maxx. However, that huge processor on the LG G2 really wins us over, and coupled with the excellent display quality, we have no hesitation in recommending the G2 over the DROID.

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