Resume Tips for Young Graduates

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Writing is resume has always been a daunting task for the young graduates you are just out of their college. Thankfully, there are career guidance departments in almost every college who guide the students about everything from writing cover letter and resume to facing an interview and finally landing a job. However, most of the career guidance people and the professional resume writers believe that with little guidance and accumulated experience most of the students are able to write a successful resume and interesting cover letter to get a job.

Fundamentally, there are two types of approaches for writing your resume, one the conventional way where you begin with your objective, next is the education and course related to it, finishing off with experience and skills pertaining to the job. The other way is to start your resume mentioning your skills and training, followed by education, and ending with experience and employment.

You can chose whichever way you like but here are some pointers as to how to mention about the each point like objective, education, additional coursework, job, and extracurricular activities related to the job.

To begin with, start listing the career objectives and list it only if you are very clear about it and the work it entails. Next, prepare a list of your educational reaching and the years you finished your high school, and college. Mention any achievements and average grades if they are worth mentioning. Mention your GPA that is higher than 3.5 and course work related to your graduation and career goal. You can also add a list of the other coursework not related to your education but relate to your career objective. Even those hourly job that you have can say something g about your management abilities or creativity. Always take an unrestrained view of whatever you have work you have done or job you have held and bullet list your achievements. Do not refrain from listing your extracurricular activities related to your job in some way especially if it does include somewhere you can specifically add the descriptions and put a figure wherever possible.

To make your resume as one of the best carefully go through it, check for any grammatical to typographical errors. Use only action verbs and simple present tense instead of present continuous. Remember your resume is a marketing document to help sell yourself. Make it an effective marketing tool that has a list of detailed clear career objective, intense brief of the coursework, as well as work experience and activities related to your dream job. Nevertheless, stay focused while writing a resume, check for any mistakes, and customize it as per the job you are applying.

Mohit is a writer and business marketing manager at SubmitResume is a job search engine that allows job seekers to upload resumes and employers free job postings
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