Important Tips on Resume Writing

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If you are someone who is in the phase of applying for job, then you must have definitely come across a whole lot of articles on honing your skills in writing cover letters and resumes. Write an effective resume, tips on writing cover letters, how to be called for an interview, how to follow up after an interview, etc.

In this article too are a few tips that can help both novice and veterans to write successful resumes. There is no doubt that a solid and well-written resume enhances of fetching a job you desire.

To begin with, when writing a resume you should know what exactly does the job you are applying for entails. This will give you the purpose for writing the resume. A resume that underlines the purpose of your wanting that particular job can help you being called for an interview. Make sure that you backup your talent and skill with your experiences. Make use of the right tags related to the job and company you are applying. Assign your past job or internships a proper title that is self-explanatory about your past work and experience using bullet points. Make sure that the most important information always heads the list in every set and subsets. If possible, do mention your goals concisely. Times New Roman font (black) between size 11 and 12 should be the best choice with highlighted important points in grey.

It is very very important that you do not make any typography mistakes and proof read the cover letter and resume at least two to three times. List your achievements and if possible use numbers to express them. Age and gender is something that should be left alone until specifically asked. Yes, you should make a point to suffix Mr. or Ms. in case your name is gender neutral. The resume should be concise not more than one or two pages, lesser the better. Skip mentioning hobbies if they are not related to the job.

Your resume is like an advertisement of a product wherein you are the product and your resume is the advertisement. The idea is to get the message across without much deliberation. A laser printed one sheet A4 size white paper that tells everything about you without selling you short. Your resume should begin with your name and you need not list a whole lot of work experience but just what is important and concerning the recent past. Lastly, ensure that your resume has email proof formatting to prevent any distortion when emailing your resume.

Mohit is a writer and business marketing manager at SubmitResume is a job search engine that allows job seekers to upload resumes and employers free job postings.

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