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Cover letters are that particular piece of letters that tells about you in a much-summarized way. The cover letter should always begin with the Title – the job you are applying for along with the name of the company and a short summary outlining your career with significant achievements ending with a line requesting a meeting and do not forget to cite when you plan to get there. Make it simple and fascinated without much hunky-dory.

There is no doubt that most of the people find it very difficult in starting the letter and in a few paragraphs tell the whole story. Yes, it is exactly a story telling peppered with a few anecdote so that the sentences and paragraphs are well rounded.

It is a great idea to start the first paragraph about the particular job that you are interested in. additionally, if you mutually know a person, you can mention the name. The cliché here is that if you are making a cold call you can mention that you have been following the company or have come across an article and would like to work with the company to grow with it as you have such and such experience.

Following that, you should mention briefly about your career but make sure to customize it to fit the bill. Third paragraph should have bulleted list of achievements related to the potential job. The best of the accomplishments should be higher on the list. Moreover, be sure to back up your achievements. In the fourth and last paragraph, make sure that you mention when you will be available to meet and if there is a mutually known person do mention the name.

Stay positive in your writing by stating that you plan to move on in your professional life. You should be able to express how this move can benefit both you and the company. Remember to use pronoun in the cover letter like ‘I’.

Begin the cover letter telling that you work at ‘such and such’ position in ‘XYZ’ company. Mention that you have a good knowledge, extensive experience, and strong grasp of the tasks involved in your job. In addition, mention that the letter is in response to the particular opening in their company that was brought to notice by ‘ABC’, or a particular job posting. Mention what you can offer to the company in terms of years of experience. As well, do not forget to mention that you would call to set up a mutually convenient time for us to meet in a few days. Remember to state that you have enclosed or attached the resume for more information.

 Mohit is a writer and business marketing manager at SubmitResume is a job search engine that allows job seekers to upload resumes and employers free job postings.

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