Career Management with Search Campaign

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There is no doubt that when you go on a career search campaign you need to be disciplined, full of positive energy, optimistic approach, and realistic targets. The fact that you are answerable to only yourself you need be ready to take complete responsibility of this phase of your life. Things like self-doubts, disappointments, and distractions can only pin you down.

Actually, you need to plan and strategize your search campaign in phases or steps that will take you closer to the type of job you plan to get. To begin, you need to build a good and effective network by means of the various social media networks such as Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn, and Twitter to name a few well-known sites. Go through the various online websites that manage free job posting. Most of the good and efficient sites provide easy to manage and save your searches. Moreover, you can make search prioritizing your preference of location for Jobs in India (cities-Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata), type of job (Government Jobs, Private Sector Jobs, MNCs), professional jobs (IT Jobs, Computer Jobs, Construction jobs, Financial Jobs, and etc).

Next is to send targeted applications stating your experience in the type of work they want you to do. These applications for jobs include your resumes that should highlight the qualities you have and they want their staff to have and your expertise in other related fields. You can also call the company that you want to work with asking for any vacancy for a candidate like you. You should also ask for references from people known to you.

While you set your activity goals, it will require you to put in some extra effort in walking down the routes you have set to reach your goal of fetching a good job. For this, you need to have good planning. However, remember you can reach your goal only by acting on your plan constantly and continuously.

You should go on expanding your network and send your tailored resumes to the companies and industry you want to join. You also need setup referral meetings and directly approaching the recruiters along with spending time to address the online job portals and free job postings. Remember to simultaneously work on all approaches and not let any door close on any one of the fronts.

It is important to check all the vacancies available in the field you want to work in while searching jobs in India. You should make use of all sources and resources that can take you anywhere near your dream job. It makes no difference whether you are looking for Government jobs, non-professional or professional jobs like IT Jobs, Research Jobs, and etc.

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