32334Is It Possible To Use Your Chrome Powder Without Gel Polish?

Nowadays, the use of chrome nail polish is trending. Its result is very shiny nails that resemble a mirror. Chrome powder can be mixed with gel nail polish to get the beautiful mirror-look. Alternatively, chrome powder can be used with a unique top coat of nail polish in the absence of a UV lamp and still get the fashionable glossy look. This makes chrome nail polish very safe because there is no exposure to UV rays that cause growth and spread of malignant cells. Further, coming up with chrome nails require less skill because it is not complicated.

To start with, an ordinary nail polish is applied per the choice and preference of a person. After drying, a stroke of a pure top coat is carefully applied in an even spread. The chrome nail polish resembles a gel polish surface coat although it is not treated with either a UV lamp or the LED lamp. Time is given for the top pure nail polish to dry since it takes more time to dry than the regular top coats. As soon as this coat is dry, the tip of the sponge applicator is then used to collect a small amount of chrome powder by inserting the applicator into the container storing chrome powder. The powder is then rubbed onto the nail plate from its bed to the tip in a circular manner. This rubbing is made to go on until the shiny mirror-like look is seen on the nail.

When one is through with rubbing, excess chrome powder can be removed using the other end of the applicator. Prior to rubbing, one has to make sure that there is an even coat of top pure top coat; otherwise, the mirror effect will also be uneven. After that, a coat of top pure is then applied again on the nail and chrome powder is rubbed on the nail again for the second time. This ensures that the part of the nail that was left out the first time is covered during this round completely. After rubbing, a coat of top pure nail polish is applied then left to dry.

A seal known as sparkle and co. seal is applied on the edges of the nail to prevent the top pure nail polish from chipping off. This is said to seal the edges just like its name points out thus giving the top pure coat a long-lasting effect. The top pure coat assists a great deal in the acquisition of the mirror look. The seal, on the other hand, makes chrome nail polish stick on the nail for longer by preventing the top coat from flaking. Following the steps correctly ensures that one gets an appealing outcome by using chrome powder, regular nail polish, top pure coat and seal. It is, therefore, possible to use chrome powder in the absence of gel nail polish whose negative impacts include damage to the skin, growth of cancerous cells, weakening of the nail during removal among others. The outcome of chrome powder is fulfilling.

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