Chrome nail polish is a must do manicure since it has proven to be trendy and has stood the test of time. Every woman who is keen on the latest trends in fashion is going the Chrome way. This detail leaves one’s nails looking like heavy metals, very beautiful and eye-catching. It is advantageous because there is no complexity in applying it hence can be applied by a woman at the comfort of her home given that all the products are available. Chrome nail polish is applied lately in many beauty spots because they are as simple as gel polish application except the curing bit. They do not require exposure to UV rays or LED like gel manicure. Getting chrome nails is as simple as placing nail stamping plates on condition that one has mastered the art, although there is actual use of regular nail polish and chrome powder.

Chrome gives a mirror-like effect to the nails resembling a metal that has been brushed. Different colors can be used as the base coat and still bring out a fantastic outcome of varied chrome effect. The final look of nails depends largely on the color of the polish used as the base coat. The polishes of darker shades like black tend to give a striking look on the nails. Furthermore, the quality of the chrome nails relies on the quality of the tools used to apply chrome nail polish and the professional skills of the manicurist.

Chrome nail polish can be blended with gel polish for a classy look that lasts longer than the use of the regular nail polish. The base coat is applied then an even top coat before an applicator is used to place the powder on the bed to the nail tip in circular motions. The nail is rubbed until the brushed metal look is seen. A top coat and a seal are later applied to prevent the edges of chrome nail polish from lifting. Nail stamping is done almost the same as chrome nails except that there is no use of powder on stamping. A base coat is applied then a top coat before a nail stamping plate is placed. The plates stick on the nail with the help of adhesive tapes at the back. Durability is enhanced by heating the stamping plates by rubbing them between fingers for heat to be created through friction or slightly exposing them to the heat from a blow dryer prior to sticking which makes them flexible.

Chrome is a pigment powder that works well when combined with other nail polishes specifically gel nail polish. Gel holds the chrome nail polish by sealing the edges creating a longer lasting effect and that glossy look that doubles up to the mirror-look already created by the chrome powder. It might be impossible to use chrome on natural nails since it is designed to work well with polished nails. Although there is an assurance that they are durable, chrome nails need to be treated with care, and the attention they will capture is insane!

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