Internet Packages That Are Best for Businesses

A survey done by the broadband provider TalkTalk has shown that two thirds of small businesses in the UK are not aware of the difference between home and business broadband. This means that all of these businesses have potentially been suffering from poor performance, which could be helped with the use of business internet packages. There are loads of business broadband packages on the market, and there is sure to be one that is perfect for you business.

What business internet packages should you look at?
Choosing business broadband is much like choosing home broadband. There are certain points that you have to look at and you need to find the deal that suits you needs. Service providers will also offer business broadband bundle deals that include a business phone service. These deals are often seen as better than broadband only packages, because all businesses will need a phone line and this makes the two services cheaper; if the business is not on VoIP of course.

Before you sign up to any of the deals, you need to see what they are going to offer you. There is no point in getting the expensive deal if you are not going to be using half the features. Of course, you should also consider what is going to happen to your business in the future. Are you going to be expanding and if so will it be during your broadband contract period? Provision yourself for now and your expansion plans.

The benefits of business broadband
If you are running a small business from home, or in a small office, then you may have been using home broadband options. The problem with this is that they are not geared to the demands of businesses. There are many benefits that you get from a business broadband package that will help your business efficiency improve. There are three main benefits that you should consider.

Faster uploads when you run a business, you may upload more information than you download. This means that you need faster upload speeds. Most home broadband packages do not offer very good upload speeds, but business broadband packages do. This makes website updates, file sharing, FTP, and video conferencing better.

Priority priority is given to business customers in two ways; customer service and bandwidth. If you have a problem with your broadband and contact customer service, you are likely to get a fast resolution if you are a business broadband customer. The reason for this is that providers understand that businesses cannot afford to be offline. If there are traffic management and fair use policies in place, then business customers get preference. In peak traffic time the business connection speeds are not slowed.

Email addresses and web space to make your business look more professional you should have a business email address. When you get a business broadband package you are often provided with this address. Many providers also offer web space for you to upload your own website. This will put your business in another arena and can get you more clients.

Static IP addresses
You may have heard about IP addresses, but not about how they will affect your business. When you use home broadband, you are likely to have a dynamic IP address. These addresses change every time you log onto the internet. While services are able to identify your computer among the millions, it is not as good as a static IP. When you have a static IP, you will be the only person to use the IP address until you move providers. This is actually very helpful for businesses.

By having a static IP address, you will be able to use certain services that do not accept customers dynamic IP addresses. These services will include high volume file sharing services and remote access services. The reason why these services would rather work with a client that has a static IP has to do with security. The remote access services need a static IP so they can ensure it is your computer you are logging into.

The phone section of bundles
Most service providers will offer broadband and phone bundles to their business customers. Most businesses need to have a phone line that they can use. There are a number of benefits that you get with these business phone services.

Business phone numbers when you use a home phone number, you can attract business from your local area. When you have a business phone number, you will not be geographically linked to a certain area code. It is also possible to get free numbers that will attract even more clients.

Getting a second line if you are looking to expand your business, or if you have more than one member of staff, you will need a second phone line. Most providers give you a discounted rate if you purchase more than one line from them. The installation of the second line may also be free when you buy two at once.

Line installation if you are not working at home , but in new premises, the installation of the phone lines may be free. This is most common when you are signing up to a broadband and phone business deal. If you are just taking the phone, you may have to pay for the phone line installation.

Personalised packages the call rates and other features are generally optional when you get a business phone package. The reason for this is that providers understand that no businesses are the same and they will require different things from their phone line.

Priority customer service as with the broadband business, phone customers will get priority when it comes to customer service. If there is something affecting your line, the technician will be sent to you first before they look at home phone customers. The response time for the technician is also much faster when you are a business phone customer.

There are many benefits to getting business broadband that you should be aware of. If you have been using home broadband and phone packages, then you may actually have been limiting your business potential.

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