Pay as You Go Broadband Service

Pay as you go broadband lets you pay for your broadband usage as you need it, rather than paying a set fee each month that may cover a larger allowance than you actually use. For people who need a broadband access but who dont want to pay for more broadband than is absolutely needed, pay as you go can be a good option. While the UK doesnt currently have any Internet service providers, called ISPs, that offer pay as you go plans if you have a mobile phone you may be able to use it to get broadband on a pay as you go basis for your computer. Here are some things to think about when considering pay as you go service, and how to make it happen if its right for you.

How Much Broadband Do You Use?
If you download a lot of videos, or use a video streaming program, then pay as you go probably wont make sense for your needs. You will end up topping up your broadband so often that you may end up paying more than if you get a traditional plan. As long as youll be in the same location for at least a year, normal broadband service is often the right choice. If, on the other hand, your broadband needs are minimal it can be useful to pay for your service only as needed. Pay as you go is right for people on a budget or who are light Internet users.

Do You Want Contract Obligations?
Most regular broadband contracts require you to sign a 12 or 18 month commitment at the very least. This translates to a high cancellation fee if you ever move or need to stop your service before the contract ends. With a pay as you go broadband service, you wont be tied into any long term commitment and will therefore have more freedom to switch your service or stop using it altogether without any financial penalty. Pay as you go also makes for a good option when you will only be in your home for a few months or need a short term broadband solution for any reason.

Do You Have Mobile Broadband?
The way that users get broadband service on a pay as you go basis in their homes is thanks to mobile broadband service. Providers sell what is called a dongle, which can be plugged into the USB port on your home computer. The cost of a dongle is nominal, and the fee is one time only for the life of the gadget. The dongle links to your phone, which in turn communicates with your computer. Since your computer will use the Internet capabilities of your mobile device to access a broadband connection, so you will need to have a data plan on your mobile for pay as you go to be an option.

Will You Use Data in Time?
In most cases, the broadband that you top up on your dongle card will have an expiration date. If you purchase about a weeks worth of data but then go on holiday for 6 weeks, for instance, your broadband purchase wont be any good when you get back. Pay as you go broadband is generally good for only about 30 days. On the other hand, you will also lose money if you pay for traditional broadband that you dont use while youre away, so with careful planning pay as you go is actually the best option for people who are often away from home.

What Speed Do You Need?
Pay as you go mobile broadband is not always able to produce as fast of service as traditional broadband can allow. If you need to download lots of files or videos, a pay as you go service will probably result in longer wait times. When youre a light user, however, this may not be an issue and pay as you go can still be a good option.

Mobile broadband pay as you go service is a good short term solution for light Internet users who have a mobile device and a computer. Its also worth noting that if you switch mobile data plans, you may have to purchase a new dongle to continue to use pay as you go service.

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