Payingfor Your Broadband Package Not Just Direct Debit

While selecting a limited cap, or unlimited broadband connection, there are numerous things that you need to bear in mind. A general requirement is to match the offerings of the Internet package with your particular needs.Individuals choose a connection based on criteria that are personal to them.

For instance, a businessman might need high speed Internet any cost, whereas a student might be looking for the most cost effective plan to fit their budget.

A retired grandparent may not care too much about the speed, but a journalist who has to do massive amounts of research, and download lots of data will probably look into speed and data allowances. A gamer will also look into speed and decent latency times, because he wontwant lags while enjoying his game.

On top of all this it is important to ensure that we can pay for the service that we take on. This piece will look at the policies of different providers so you know how you can pay.

Top priorities and payment priorities

Regardless of whoever the user isspeed, reliability and cost are usually the highest priorities. Convenience is not sought only in terms of lower cost, but also in the modes of payment allowed by the service provider. Since payment is a monthly process, when people decide on an Internet service provider they sometimes look for the one that offers the easiest modes of monthly payment. People look for an Internet service provider that allows payment flexibility. You may want to pay over the phone, by bank transfer, or through direct debit.
Here is a short review of the different methods of payment that are available to broadband users.

Direct Debit:

Most people in the UK have a bank account; hence most companies allow you to pay for their services via direct debit (DD).DDsare a financial transaction in which the payee and payer, in mutual agreement, instruct their respective banks to transfer and collect funds. The payees bank collects a specified amount of money directly from the payers bank account.This procedure is easy, widely used and accepted, so most broadband service providers want you to pay by direct debit. Some sources do not accept any means of payment other than this. When they are fixated on DD it can make payment frustrating, or even impossible, for some consumers. Additionally, some companies will charge a monthly fee to customers that dont pay for their broadband services by direct debit.

Other modes of payment- the alternative approach:

There are other methods that you can decide to pay by, but as we have just seen they can have extra charges applied to them. These include payment by cheque, credit card, or in cash; you need to know what your broadband provider allows.
Lets take a look at the payment policies of different providers:


BT has setup PayPoint outlets in some shops and garages where customers can pay in cash. They also allow monthly bill payments via credit cards; it is up to you to pay online, or over the phone. They also accept cheques, and you may also check with your bank and BT if they, in collaboration, support payments through bank transfer. Although there are several choices when it comes to payment methods, BT charges an additional fee if you do not pay via direct debit.

Virgin Media

Similarly, Virgin Media also allows you to pay through cheque, credit card, or in cash. If you wish to deposit cash, you can do so at PayPoint outlets, which can be easily recognised by their distinctive yellow sign. Alternatively you can pay in the bank. Credit card payments can be made over the internet or on the phone, whichever is more convenient for you. Virgin Media charges an extra fee if you pay through any method other than direct debit. This fee is usually referred to as the processing fee. If you pay through direct debit, your funds are automatically transferred to the service providers bank account on prior instructions and notice.

TalkTalk and Sky

TalkTalk permitcredit card payments and cheques as well as bank transfers, but there are fees. They collect a surcharge on the mentioned alternative modes of disbursement. Sky accepts credit and debit card payments at with additional payment too.

EE and Plusnet

If you pay a small supplementary charge, EE will also accept payments made by credit or debit cards. Plusnet also agrees to other forms of payment if you dont wish to set up a direct debit with them. Along with charging an extra fee on cash and credit card payments, it has an additional requirement that you must pay for a quarter if you are depositing a cheque. This means that monthly payments of your unlimited broadband are not accepted through cheque unless you submit one quarter of the annual amount.

BE Broadband and O2

BE lets you make payments with your credit or debit card, but cash and cheques are not accepted. O2 does not agree toreceivepayment through any means other than direct debit. O2 did accept credit card payments back in the day but currently only support direct debit payments.

Post Office Broadband Unlimited Broadband Payments

In contrast to all the companies The Post Office is the sole unlimited broadband provider that not only allows other forms of payment other than direct debit, but also does not demand an extra fee. They have branches across the country where over-the-counter payments can be made in cash without incurring an additional fee. This method is not only cost-efficient, but is also simple and handy. Broadband users who have a tight budget can readily opt for services from The Post Office, which allows flexibility in forms of payment. The Post Office accepts credit cards and cheques too. They have some cracking cheap packages from just £2.50 per month too.

In conclusion, it is important to see which package or deal offered by all service providers best fits your user profile and your financial circumstances.Think about how you are going to pay for your service before you commit to any contract.

Sam Jones prefers to pay for his unlimited broadband connection using the direct debit system as he finds it much more convenient. He advises anyone who wants to pay by other means but who still want a great deal, to try to find the best offers using on line price comparison sites like uSwitch.


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