Why You Buy Purchasing Decisions Reviewed

When you look into why you buy there are certain points that you have to consider. These points have been determined as the ones that most impact your purchasing decisions. You should consider what these points are and how they impact what you are going to buy online. Purchasing can be done on the go once you understand the answer to questions like ‘What is a secure website? and ‘What is 3G?’

Product Quality
Whether you are looking to buy something n a physical store or online the product quality is going to be the most important factor in your decision. Most people would rather get the product that offers better quality. There are a lot of people who are willing to pay more for the better quality product because it will offer them a better experience and last longer.
Product quality is generally easier to gauge when you are in a physical store because you can see the item. However, there are other ways that you can look at quality when you are shopping online.

Easy Return
While most sellers do not want to consider return policies because they assume that their product will not be returned. However, the buyers are going to be looking at the ease with which they can return a product. There are a lot of people who will bit buy a product if they are not able to return it. This is due to the idea that products without a return policy will be scams or at least a little bit dodgy.

The better the return policy that a product has to offer the more commonly it will be purchased. This is due to the ease of mind that people are given when they look at return policies.

Easy Navigation
When you are on an online store you may not consider how much the navigation of the site affects your purchasing decision. If a site is not easy to navigate then people are not going to be buying. Most people are going to leave an online store that does not offer good site navigation. The site navigation will relate to the ease of which you can search the site and the categories that are being used.

If there is no way to search the website for specific items then you may not buy. If the categories are not logical then you are not going to use the website.

Multiple Options
Having more than one option for a specific item is very important to buyers. When you are offered multiple options you are able to choose the one that is right for you. When buyers are in a physical store or on an online store they are going to browse other shops if they are not given multiple options.
However, if a consumer is offered multiple options in a single store then it is more likely that they will buy from this store. This is due to the idea that they are getting all the options in a single store and will not have to browse others.

New Product
Being faced with a new product is something that affects some people and something that does not affect others. There are some people who will buy the new product because it is new. However, there are other people who will shy away from the new product because they do not know much about it. There are also people who do not really care about whether or not the product is new. These people will only care about the products ability to do the job.
The impact of the newness of the product will depend greatly on what you are going to use the product for. There are certain products that people are more option to new products and others where they want to use a brand and product that they know and trust.

Free Shipping
Free shipping is something that does not only affect the purchases that people make online. If you are buying a big appliance or furniture then you are going to be concerned about the cost of transportation. More people are willing to buy from a store that offers to get the product to them for free. This is the simple concept of the fact that they are going to be saving money when they do this. They may actually be paying slightly more for the product, but this is countered by the fact that they are not paying shipping or delivery costs.

Customer Reviews
Customer reviews play an increasingly large role in the decisions that we make about what we buy. There are a lot of websites that offer customer reviews on just about everything. Looking at these reviews offers you insight into what you are going to experience with the product you are buying.

If the reviews of a product are mostly positive then people are going to buy the item. However, if the reviews are mostly negative then they are not going to buy the product. If there is a mixture of good and bad then they are generally going to look for a similar product that has mostly good reviews.

Ease of Paying
How easily you can pay for a product will impact the chances of you buying. There are many people who will leave an online store if they cannot easily pay for their products. The ease of payment will also relate to physical stores as well. If you are only able to pay with one method then you may not buy from this store. Of course, this will depend on the method you are going to have to use.

Getting a Special Size
The last influence that affects your purchasing decisions could be the ability to get a special size of the product. If you are able to get a special size for a lower price then you are going to buy this. Most people are more likely to buy a special size then the regular size. This is particularly seen when you are looking at certain products like food and drink. Being able to get a special size does not have the same influence when you are looking at appliances.

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