Hiring The Best Pest Control Sacramento Company

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Hire a pest control Sacramento Company that practices Integrated Pest Management: Ask the company how they intend to treat the home. If they say they will spray the baseboards or carpet, call someone else. Except in rare cases, this procedure is totally unnecessary as discussed elsewhere in this book. Ask the company to explain the principles of IPM. If they dont know the principles, they cant perform the service.

Do they require a monthly contract or agreement? There is no need to sign a contract for a monthly service, as there arent any pests so insidious that a competent pest control operator cant eradicate in one or two visits. If anyone want to hire someone to come to the home periodically and inspect for signs of pests or conditions conducive to pest activity, that is valid, but homeowner can probably determine on his or her own whether or not he or she have pests. The only reason for a monthly pest control service is to provide monthly revenue to the pest control company. Salesmen and telemarketers: Never accept a price over the phone. Would homeowner let his or her mechanic give him or her estimate without raising the hood of his or her car? Would homeowner expect a doctor to quote him or her price for a medical procedure without conducting a physical examination to determine your problem? Why would homeowner let anyone apply pesticides to the home without doing an initial inspection to determine what, if any, pesticides are necessary? How can homeowner expect anyone to give him or her fair price without seeing the home? Professional and competent exterminators dont need telemarketers to generate business, and they never give a price over the phone. Their good work and reputation will get them all the business they need.

License and insurance

Ask the company for a copy of their license and an insurance certificate. There is a number of fly- by-nighters working around the country out of the trunks of their cars. All legitimate pest control Sacramento companies must be licensed by the state they operate in. Never use any company that claims to use only “safe insecticides.” The term is an oxymoron. Pesticides may he applied safely, but they are not safe. The suffix “cide” means death. Insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc., are all designed specifically to kill something. Any company that advertises they use safe insecticides is either misrepresenting the facts or is completely ignorant about the business they are in and should be avoided at all costs.

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