Anyone else Fed Up With Experience Gifts?

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Is it just me or is anyone else getting a bit fed up with receiving gift experiences for every birthday/Christmas/anniversary etc?

I think theres such a thing as having too much of something, especially when its someone else choosing what they want me to have a go at.

For example, my parents are the type of people who love to stay in posh hotels and experience the finer things in life if I decided to buy them a weekend away camping, they would most certainly hold it against me for the rest of my life! So if I can take note of their likes and dislikes and cater gifts to suit them, why do I find myself being regularly presented with terrifying thrill seeking experiences?

My idea of fun…
I understand that perhaps my nearest and dearest are looking to provide me with a new and different type of entertainment, and maybe if I wasn’t receiving these so often Id be more willing to take part knowing it was just a one off, but I can think of much better ways to spend my birthday!

Firstly, my idea of fun is to be pampered within an inch of my life so that I feel completely rejuvenated, relaxed and ready to take on the world. And so, a day in a health spa would be the ideal present for me it would allow me to chill out, have a bit of a swim, a cheeky glass of fizz whilst sitting in a Jacuzzi and then have a facial and massage. Sounds like the perfect day to me!

Or a day out shopping in Covent Garden with my favourite people would also be a good way to spend a day. Buying lots of lovely things, having an afternoon tea at the Ritz and then going on to a theatre show would certainly make me very happy… Much happier than being pushed down a hill in a zorbing ball or even being flung off a bridge with just a rubber band keeping me inches from death!

Why might others be losing interest?
I suppose there are a couple of reasons really… Firstly, it seems that Im not the only coward out there when it comes to thrill seeking sports, for example, a recent study has revealed that there seems to be less men willing to try out ‘dangerous activities like sky diving and bungee jumping.

According to the St Andrews University study, 40 years ago, men were more likely than women to try out mountaineering and parachuting, yet now-a-days, men and women are more on the same par with thrill seeking activities.

Personally, I think the good ol British weather has a lot to do with too. For many of these experience gifts, they are very much weather dependent, and unfortunately in this country we can almost never guarantee a certain type of weather even if the Met office tries to tell you otherwise (at the beginning of the week they tell you the weekend will be sunny, yet you get to Friday and they change their mind completely!)

Myself and a few friends bought a balloon ride for one of our friends birthdays and it quite literally nearly reached her next birthday by the time she was able to get in there and have the experience.

Theres also the fact that some experience gifts can be quite expensive, especially to buy an impressive gift (like the balloon ride, but thankfully there was five of us to cover the cost). So maybe its the fact that people just dont have the money to spend on expensive gifts such as these?

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