Choosing A Sacramento Rodent Control Company

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If anyone choose to hire a Sacramento rodent control company to solve the pest problem, it is important that one retain control over the methods and products used on the property. Try to find a company that is familiar with integrated pest management (1PM) approaches and will work cooperatively with homeowner in selecting the least-toxic methods available. There are increasing number of pest control companies throughout the United States develop monitoring services, and it is becoming easier for consumers to find local firms offering this approach. Ask for references. Any pest control company that is proud of its service will happily furnish homeowner with references. Call some of the references and check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure the company doesnt have any unresolved problems homeowner should be aware of. Ask for copies of labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for any pesticides a company plans to use in or around the home. If they do not have them or dont want to furnish them, call someone else. Ask to see a copy of the service ticket they will use, and ask what information will be on it. Service tickets should show the target pest, the name of the pesticide used the EPA registration number of the pesticide, how much was applied, and where it was applied. Make sure the company plans to furnish homeowner with all of this information.


Traditionally, pest control companies have offered routine spray ser-vices, often on a monthly basis. This service is based on the idea that regular applications of pesticides, whether keep pesticide-contaminated clothing separate from all other laundry (e.g., store it in a plastic bag until it can be laundered). Do not handle contaminated clothing with your bare hands; wear rubber gloves or shake clothing from the plastic bag into the washer.

Wash only small amounts of clothing at a time. Do not combine clothing contaminated with different pesticides. Wash these in separate loads. Before washing, presoak clothes in a tub or automatic washer, or spray the garments outdoors with a garden hose. Use a commercial solvent soak product or apply prewash spray or liquid laundry detergent to soiled spots. Wash the garments in the washing machine, using the or not a pest is present, prevent pest problems. Today, there is both a need and great opportunity for a new kind of pest control service where the consumer pays a Sacramento rodent control professional to provide regular monitoring rather than regular spraying.

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