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Fire ants have expanded their habitat and density from the Gulf South east to Virginia and west to California, resulting in massive sting attacks of individuals. These attacks have occurred primarily in private homes or health-care facilities. A 5-day-old infant stung at home had a near fatal response, while a 26-month-old toddler developed corneal opacities. The death of a 3-month-old infant subsequent to numerous fire ant stings in an upscale subdivision of Phoenix. At least two healthy adults and one patient with Alzheimers disease stung at home have survived fire ant attacks without squeal. Recently, an anaphylactic reaction was reported in a nursing home patient after a fire ant attack. Therefore make sure to hire the Sacramento ant control company to solve this problem.

Experts experience suggests that residents at healthcare facilities in fire ant endemic areas are especially at risk for fire ant attacks for several reasons. Common factors in stinging events include fire ant infestation of a facility and an immobile or cognitively impaired patient. When fire ants arc noted in a health-care facility, health-care personnel are often unaware of the behavior of these insects and the special measures required for their control. Sometimes pesticides ordinarily used to control indoor pests do not control fire ant infestations as they do not kill the fertile queen that is located outdoors in the soil. Service contracts with pest control companies may be ambiguous about both company and facility responsibilities. Moreover, these contracts sometimes fail to provide for pest control out-of-doors, the natural habitat of fire ants.

Ant colonies

Contributing to indoor slinging events, ant colonies may move closer to or into occupied buildings under special circumstances such as drought, flooding, cold, or high density of colonies. In such cases, colonies may be located adjacent to or under foundation slabs or in outer building walls. In the case of medical facilities worker ants may explore patient rooms and patients themselves, looking for food. Imported fire ants ingest, among other things, sugars, some amino acids, and oils containing polyunsaturated fats in liquid form. Thus it is no surprise that mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, and eyes have been sought out by ants in attacks of humans. When disturbed in their feeding process by movement or vibration, ants on or in close contact with patients may sting these individuals multiple times. In order to solve this problem hire the Sacramento ant control operators.

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