Reasons to Use Plastic Beads in Your Craft

We see plastic in almost everything, everywhere. It is used for creating almost anything, from kids toys to storage containers to office supplies. Plastic is present inside homes, in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen; and outside our homes on the streets. Plastic is a very versatile material so it is used for almost every application. It is also available in all colors, textures and shapes, and you can get it hard or soft. Besides being durable, plastic can also be selected from various sources. These qualities of plastic make it widely suitable for widespread use, including the making of plastic beads.

Plastic bead is a modern type of bead used in crafting these days. Years before, people used found objects like animal teeth, and natural elements like stones and rocks. Seashells and animal bones were used as necklaces then. Eventually, artisans began finding new ways and new materials to make beads: by handcrafting glass or metal materials and refining gemstones. Then plastic beads were developed; and these offered the same advantages that people are looking for, as in other beads that are also still being used today.

Plastic beads have natural attributes, such as being made of synthetic substance. This means that you can produce it in large quantities therefore making the beads more easily available. Plastic beads are also more cheaply priced, compared to other types of beads in the market today. The malleability of plastic gives artists the ability to produce beads in almost any shape and type. The following are some types of plastic beads.

Lucite Beads

Although many people consider plastic beads as low quality products, Lucite beads have a distinct sheen and are very refined. This type of plastic beads is generally more highly priced and is more used often for crafting jewelry.

Resin Beads

This type has more detailed forms and shapes and can be produced in so many styles making them popular to use as accents to various projects. The shapes are molded while the plastic is in liquid form.

Bakelite Beads

These are often in-layed with colors and carved and can be used in creating fine jewelry pieces. However, bake-lite beads are not as commonly used for making beads today as in the early 1900’s.

There are other types of plastic beads available and many are more colorful and affordable. All it takes to find them is a good search on the internet or a visit to a bead shop or craft store.

Though plastic beads offer clear advantages over other beads, some artisans avoid using them. The reason they give is that plastic beads do not look as elegant and high end as other bead materials. It is an accepted fact that plastic is very versatile, but jewelry makers are looking for the natural look of stones and the hand-crafted elegance of glass. Setting aside these disadvantages, plastic beads still has many attributes and there are many available options for its use. Some people may not consider using them for upscale projects, but there are crafting ideas where plastic beads can very well be incorporated.

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