Write A Winning College Application Essay

Writing your college application essay is the next step after taking the SAT or ACT.

If you have already gotten your test scores and know which school(s) you wish to attend, now is the time to begin thinking about and preparing your college essay. Do not wait until the last minute to do this important task.

A well-written essay can hold much greater sway with Admissions committees than your SAT/ACT score. Thus, you are well-advised to take the time and effort to make it a real masterpiece.

Following is a basic outline of a college essay:

– Topic
– Supporting Points
– Title
– Opening
– Body
– Closing

Select Your Topic and Supporting Points

Most schools provide a list of topics from which you may choose to write about. If you apply to multiple colleges, choose a topic that works well for all of your choices to avoid having to write several essays.

Try to come up with an unusual or different way of telling your reader exactly who you are and why he or she should choose you over the competition. Look back over your life and try to find an event that you may use to showcase your passions and character.

Your next step is to develop about three points to support your topic. You will expand upon and explain these points in the body of your essay.

Essay Title

After selecting a topic and points to support it, you must come up with a memorable title that reflects your topic and quickly captures the reader’s attention.

It takes time to create a truly awesome essay title. You might even change it as you continue writing and expanding your essay. Just keep in mind that a great title makes all the difference.

The Opening

Your essay opening should introduce your topic and supporting points while grabbing the reader’s attention to make them eager to finish your essay.

Shocking statistics and controversial phrases are two great ways of accomplishing this. Both methods work equally well as long as they logically fit your topic.

A well-written opening gets the reader to the conclusion and takes you to the next level as well.

Essay Body

The body of the essay is typically 3 to 4 paragraphs long and is based upon your supporting points. Tell the story(ies) that highlight your character, passions, and uniqueness in the body of your essay. Remember to be brief and concise, however. Tell your story and be finished.

Essay Conclusion

The Conclusion is perhaps the most important part of your entire essay. It is where you tie everything together and state your call-to-action. That call-to-action, of course, should scream “choose me!”

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