How to Write a Good College Admissions Essay

Colleges require essays as part of the admissions application. These essays are used to decide between good students and great students. Colleges are looking for students that will boost their image. There are certain students that would be a perfect fit for a college but they just need a little essay help.

Well told stories will grab the reader’s attention better than just stating something. This is perhaps the most common mistake applicants make on their admissions essays. To describe the persistence that led to a sixty pound weight loss means more emotionally to the reader than just saying a person is persistent.

Stating that a student cares about the environment is one thing. Telling about a project that changed the way a community impacted its surroundings is much different. Telling the story lets the reader know about the organizing that took place. It lets the reader know about the imaginative use of resources.

A passionate student will write a vivid, descriptive essay. A student that isn’t passionate about anything won’t. Being the best at something is not what grabs the attention. It is the personal growth in overcoming challenges that inspires. Some of the best essays are about average students with average abilities that just didn’t quit when the rest would have.

The best essays are concise. Remember, everybody has a limited attention span. Admissions essays often have word limits; respect them. A good way to write when there’s a lot to say, is to write the essay using unlimited words and then go back and edit.

When editing, focus on one main character trait. Life changes people in many ways; a single event is never just a single event. Try to identify the most important aspect of an event and the most important result. Focus on these as the story unfolds.

Another good way to grab the reader’s attention is to find an idea that is unexpected. Start the essay with a story that doesn’t say anything about what the essay is really about. Set the scene by just describing an event. Then, go on to point out something important about that event. Finally, explain the personal significance of it. The more seemly ordinary something is, the more extraordinary it can become.

Many students write essays that sound like they are royalty. These students need a lot of essay help! Nobody enjoys reading a self-appreciating monologue. Tell a story that illustrates a personality trait and explain how it can help the reader. Don’t forget the good grammar and spelling, either!

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