Tips for Successful University Applications

Having a well written essay is very important for increasing your chances of admission to a University. Admissions read thousands of essays every year to evaluate candidates so just getting their attention is a task to keep in mind when looking for essay help.

Seek to Answer an Interesting Question
All essays need direction, otherwise they turn to pointless dribble. To keep focused, try answering an interesting question that will engage your reader. There is no need to write the actual question down, as writing questions in essays can sometimes be bad form. Instead, just keep the main questions in mind and write your essay as if you are addressing them.

Start With a Provocative Statement
The beginning of your essay should read like a headline grabber. It should in the literal sense, grab the attention of your reader. Most people who review essays will only scan the main points of the essay then will lose interest as they continue reading. So to keep your reader engaged, get their interest from the very beginning by stating something that is controversial to by getting to the point quickly then moving to flesh out details in the next few paragraphs. This way, the reader has some idea about what your essay is about before going in to read more and creates a kind of forward reading momentum. Many professional writers do this as a matter of standard writing style.

Do Not Stick to Expectations
Remember that the reviewers read thousands of essays when they screen for candidates. So they have pretty much seen it all. To stand out, try your best to surprise them by doing something unexpected. You can also try writing something heartfelt and personal like the a story about somebody who has influenced your life. Readers always appreciate honesty and this kind of honest narrative puts the reader at ease that you know what you are talking about. Sometimes, relating a mundane experience is not nearly as important as how you interpret and express this experience on paper.

The Artful Use of Quotes
If you have been inspired by somebody who has some good quotes, you can use that to set the tone of your essay. Just remember that when using quotes to avoid those which are too common or familiar. Also avoid requoting overused proverbs as it will tend to make your essay sound less original than it needs to be.

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Universities get flooded with application essays year after year. Playing it safe will not help your chances of admission. You need to stand out to get their attention. This means making bold moves and being more creative than the rest. These are just some ideas to get you started:

1. Open with an intriguing question.

You could literally write a question or simply imply one in the first few lines. It should be something that will grab the reader’s interest and make him want to read more to find out the answer. The question has to be provocative with an air of mystery which you will then unravel with each paragraph. It’s important to establish a forward momentum and keep the tension until the final sentence. Write it so that the reader gets absorbed into the thoughts and imagery that is described in the essay.

2. Do the unexpected.

A lot of questions have obvious answers. Avoid these. Make your response distinctive and memorable. Explore the boundaries of what’s possible and provide unexpected solutions. For instance, you could start with what may seem to be a straightforward topic, then quickly create a twist that would raise eyebrows in a good way. Pique the reader’s interest by giving fresh and uncommon perspectives that challenge traditional modes of thinking. You may also start with a single intriguing word that sums up the whole essay then elaborate on it.

3. Cite a curious quote.

Catch the reader off-guard by stating a quote that would seem rather odd at first glance. Once you have the reader’s attention, relate this to the topic that you have in mind. The transition should be seamless and the relationship obvious when the essay is taken as a whole.

4. Begin with the conclusion.

This is an atypical way of doing things and one which should make readers pause to reflect. They will wonder how you got to this point and continue on with the essay to find out. Structure is very important so as to make the story clear despite the jumps in chronology.

5. Inject humor.

If you have a flair for comedy, then use it to entertain and engage. Most essays will be fairly serious in tone so having a funny one will certainly attract attention. Just be careful to be sensitive and subtle so as not to cause offense. Use the humor to prove a point in a tasteful manner.

If you need more essay help, ask those who have already gone to college for quick tips about effective writing. Reading interviews of admissions officers will also be helpful.

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