White Wedding

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My girlfriend and I got invited to a wedding later in the year. Typically I dont get too excited for events like this but after stepping up my tie game I couldnt wait to also include a bow tie, cufflinks and even a pocket square to my formal attire. After I choose my wedding suit, I can go online and add everything I need to my “closet” and use the reserve feature to hold the ones I really want. I need to watch out, I cant look better then the groom.

“Nothing Compares 2 U”
It happened. I finally came across a tie I couldnt live without. The knitted John Varvatos has an official spot on my tie rack. I took advantage of the “buy” feature and purchased the tie for way less then retail.

“True Colors”
FreshNecks vast collection of designer haberdashery allows me to dress how I feel. Incorporating a tie with my outfit gives me that extra touch that makes me stand out from every other guy who is wearing just a button down and jeans. Ive become so used to adding these accessories to my style that its kind of a part of my personality now. Purchasing all of these ties would be an expensive endeavor. Good thing for FreshNeck. is professional in bespoke suit,exclusive designed,full canvas custom made suits Top quality men suits-choose us and believe us.

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