Which Bracelet Clasps Are Best For Your Creations

Bracelets are more prone to breakage or falling off accidentally than necklaces or other jewelry pieces because the hands are always in constant movement. So, the fasteners that you use to connect their ends together should be sturdy and provide secure fastening. There are many types of bracelet clasps and nearly all types can be easily purchased from jewelry making supplies stores locally. They can also be available from pandahall and other online stores on the internet.

Different bracelet clasps have different appeals to people; they also have their pros and cons. Some will provide a more secure hold; others are easier to use. When shopping at pandahall for beaded bracelets, you should have information on how jewelry clasps function, so you can decide whether a certain clasp will be best for your piece. The following is a list of several types of clasps and a brief description of how each of them work.

1. Lobster claw bracelet clasps are fasteners where a round ring is fitted into an oval clasp. You can find this type of clasp easier to use than others. While you can definitely use it to secure nearly all types of jewelry, such as bracelets, it is more common to see being used in necklaces.

2. Toggle clasps are a bit fancier than lobster claw; they are also easier to fasten using only one hand. This fastener is composed of a bar that you fit into a ring to hold the ends of your bracelet together. It is very functional, but can be decorative as well. You can cover this clasp with gold and gemstones for a distinctive style.

3. Box clasps or pressure clasps, as they are also sometimes referred to, are one of the most secured bracelet clasps that you can find at pandahall. They have a locking system that will come apart upon squeezing and pulling on a lever. They are also easy to use – you can fasten and unfasten them with a single hand.

4. Hook clasps have a tension hook and a ring; this type is as attractive as it is simple. While you can fasten it very easily, you can’t expect it to provide much security on your bracelet.

Spring clasps have a spring where the handle of a round tube is attached. This type is also a secure clasp because of the spring pressure that prevents the accidental opening of the clasp. Using spring bracelet clasps is not as easy as the toggle and box clasps, though.

There are more types of clasps, but these are the most commonly used in making bracelets. These clasps are made of metal. However, if you want to branch out from the metal material, you may consider using plastic (for button fasteners), ceramics, wood, stone and glass. You will find that pandahall carries most of these materials when you visit the website.

The above-mentioned bracelet clasps and more are available in bulk at pandahall. If you have plans to use some of these clasps in bulk quantities, you will be benefited if you purchase them in bulk.

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