5 Different Types of Bracelet Clasps

Bracelet clasps are not just functional objects used to secure two ends of bracelets and other pieces of jewelry. While there are clasps that are simply functional and have a subdued appearance that does not outshine the bracelet, there are those that are so bold that they become a significant part of the design. There are also those clasps that are more secure than others while there are those that are too difficult to open that one will always need help from a third-party to open or close them.

Spring ring clasp: This is a type of clasp that opens when you push a little lever backwards and it slides along a circular ring. Once the clasp opens, all you need to do is to attach the loop attached to the piece you want to connect after which you release the lever and it returns to closed place. This type of bracelet clasp has a minute spring that applies pressure to the mechanism to keep the spring ring in a shut place until you decide its time to open it again. Apart from being used on bracelets, spring ring clasps are also very good on necklaces and anklets. You can always get a clasp that easily holds your bracelet because then it will be easier to handle it.

Lobster claw clasp: Just like the name suggests, this type of clasp actually looks like a lobster but the real look can vary depending on the type of jewelry you want to use it on. This type of clasp has a small spring mechanism which helps to keep your arm closed until such a time that you want to open it. Lobster bracelet clasps are very good for bracelets, anklets and necklaces. Their very nature makes it easier for you to open and close it without any hassles.

Box clasps: This is a two piece clasp that opens when you pushed it down on the outside lever of a piece of metal that is wedge-shaped; this compresses it making it slide out of the opening. It clicks back into place when you push it back in. This type of clasp is extremely easy to use with the only downside being that it is not as strong as the lobster claw clasp; they come plain even though they can also come in a decorative design and they are available in different sizes.

Toggle clasps: Toggle clasps have two pieces attached on the opposite ends of the bracelet. The first piece is normally formed like a circle or at times it comes with any other shape but with an open center. The other half is then made of a thick bar attached to the other end of your accessory. When you insert the T into the circle it extends past its edges and holds your bracelet in place. Apart from being used a bracelet clasp, toggle clasps are also used on anklets and other forms of jewelry such as necklaces.

Hidden clasps: These are clasps that disappear when latched such that your bracelet or any other jewelry present is not obscured and they can flow uninterrupted. It comes with a safety latch and, as such, this provides enhanced security.

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