Enhance your Persona with Stone Bead

Those who manufacture stone beads usually cut gemstones into different shapes including half-moon, nugget, oval, round or even irregular shapes. These semi precious stones are natural treasures emanating from the earth and they come infused with different colors and hues from the bowels of the earth. Stone beads are available in different sizes and shapes but they differ from precious stones such as ruby, sapphire, diamonds and pearls because of the flaws they have; they are softer and are prone to chipping and, as such, they have relatively shorter lives.

These semi precious stones today make up a big percentage of designer jewelry as well as a number of accessories. You can avail them in form of a chain, single strand or perhaps big wholesale packages that are available from many online and local vendors.

The best thing about them is that they are affordable and that is the reason jewelers call them semi precious stones. However, there are variations in price depending on their weight, color, transparency and how rare the particular semi precious stones used in them. Some of the most popular stone beads include purple amethyst, deep red garnet, clear topaz, transparent or black tourmaline and blue topaz. There are also others such as yellow citrine which is obtained chemically when amethyst stones are treated chemically. You will also avail others such as lemon topaz, red aventurine, yellow or green jade, red and Dalmatian jasper, light blue aquamarine and fire opal. Others include snow flake obsidian, turquoise, carnelian, blue sodalite, and earthy unakite, onyx green and carnelian; these are among the semi precious stones used for making stone beads.

People use stone beads widely such as when making necklaces, earrings and bracelets. You can actually use stone bead jewelry to express yourself or assert your personality; this has made bead jewelry the leading ornaments in the world of fashion. Most people attending formal occasions love wearing oval or round bead varieties because of their sophisticated and polished look. There are plainer versions of these beads and which are used especially when one wants to portray a sober appearance.

Those who love chunky jewelry will do well with nugget and half-moon shaped beads and they are extremely popular among the younger people. When environmental protection is the buzzword in most areas of life, makers of stone bead jewelry are not left behind; jewelry with unpolished chips that come in different colors come in very handy. The manufacturers normally use a single hue of precious stone or at other times they combine a variety of hued stones to provide a dazzling effect. Apart from using them as jewelry, there are people who use stone beads to accent their designer outfits, wedding gowns, prom and evening wear while others use them to embellish high end purses and clutches. For those who don’t want to spend large amounts of money, there are available reconstructed stone beads which are second hand or home ornaments and every day accessories.

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