What Type of Broadband User Am I?

When you are deciding on broadband service, there are three primary things for you to consider. You must think about the speed that you are getting, the service that you require and the price that you are wiling to pay. Most broadband Internet companies will split things up for you when it comes to different tiers of service, but you can also learn more about what services you require if you start out by thinking about your needs.

Light User
A light user is someone who is simply not on the Internet that much. You use the Internet to do some research from time to time, to check your email and to mess about on social networking sites. You ma chat with your friends and family on the Internet, but you usually do so through text messages, rather than through services like Skype. You may watch some streaming videos if you are linked to it, but you do not have subscriptions to services like Hulu, Netflix or Crunchyroll. Fortunately for you, this means that you can generally get by with a basic package, that is, a package with the lowest speeds. However, if you have several light users in the house, this does add up to heavier usage and you might want to push your package up to the next level.

Online Gamer
Whether you play Guild Wars 2 or Star Wars: The Old Republic, you need an Internet connection to play your game. The speed with which you are able to react to the game and to see what is coming is based on your Internet speed, and in general, no matter what online game you choose, you are going to be a moderate to heavy user. The best way to figure out which you are is to simply choose the moderate package and then to upgrade if it gets to be too slow. If you are a gamer and you also want to download things at the same time, this generally puts you into the heavy user CatID.

Business Owner
Do you run a business out of your home? For people who work at home, the Internet is a resource that they rely upon. You may depend on your Internet service to do things like connect with your clients, to deliver their goods or services to them or to scout for new clients. This does not, however, actually affect your need for speed. For example, if you are a writer, chances are good that you can get away with the most basic speed package, though the moderate package may be a good idea for your other pursuits. However, what is more important than speed is service. What is the typical response time for your Internet service provider? How much up-time do they guarantee? Are they willing to replace equipment that has become worn out? These are the questions that you need to ask if you are running a business off of your Internet connection.

Entertainment User
There is an increasing number of people who use the Internet as their sole source of entertainment. If you are someone who is living in a small flat, you may find that simply using your laptop or your tablet to stream description is more effective than buying a television, for example. An entertainment user focuses on television, music and radio, and depending on what you prefer, your usage pattern is going to look a lot like a gamer’s pattern, though there is generally a little more variety. For example, if you just want to watch streaming video or if you just use the Internet to download music, you can usually get away with a moderate package. On the other hand, the moment that you start thinking about HD service of any type, you should upgrade to the more expensive upper tier.

If you are looking to find the perfect broadband service for your needs, you will soon discover that there are many things for you to think about. Choose the broadband service that helps you do what you want to do when you are online. There are many services out there for you, so ponder carefully.

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