Web Cams How to Link Them to Your Burglar Alarm

We all want better security for our homes because sometimes simply locking the front door just isnt enough! Sure we can have the latest and strongest locks, but they cannot always give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your time away, or even relax while you sleep at night.

Some people are taking matters into their own hands and installing webcams so they can be linked up to their burglar alarms. These days web cams are not that costly, they can be hidden from view and they can help you to get a really good picture so you can clearly see whats going on.

Some people have the latest security measures, but they can all cost a little too much for most of us. This is why we all need to look for some cheaper options that can give us the level of security we want, without breaking the bank.

Get Extra Security Quickly
You will be pleased to know you can set up your own web cam within a few hours, and it can be a fairly cheap process too. Theres a fairly new app out called iCam, and its proven to be a pretty good app. You can attach your new web cam to your PC using a USB connection (Please make sure any web cam you buy can be linked to a PC via a USB port or Wi-Fi). iCam isnt very expensive, but it can be linked to your phone or your computer, whichever is easiest for you.

With this app you can place multiple cameras wherever you want, and you can control them via the friendly and easy to use interface. If you dont want to download the app, you will have the download the software, so it runs on your computer.

Once you have installed iCam, you will have to configure your cameras in order to make sure they work as well as you would like them to. Heres how you go about it:

1. Open the program and go to ‘Preferences
2. Select the camera you wish to set up. You may not have to select a camera if its built in.
3. Enter the cameras IP address if necessary
4. Set up a username and a password so access is limited
5. To the right of the screen you will be given the chance to set up motion detection. If you set this up, motion will be filmed and recorded to your hard drive if you would like it to. You can also choose to have a notification sent to your iPhone, or even your iPad if youre lucky enough to have one.
6. Have a look at the Port Forward Range in case your need to configure your router. Make sure you configure it if needs be, so the ports that need to be running, are. If you get stuck at any time, you can always check out the iCam support pages and forums.

Now you have set up your webcam, you should be able to see live action from your web cam, unless youve instructed it to only record when it detects motion.
Please note you cannot go out and buy any web cam in the hope that it will work. You have to make sure your new web cam is compatible with the program youre using. If youre running iCam, you need to make sure you buy a web cam thats IP enabled.

Using Multiple Cameras
If you would like to use multiple cameras in order to get the peace of mind you need, you will be pleased to know you can do just that. Heres how you can do just that:

Follow steps 1-4 as above, so your camera is working in conjunction with your PC
Click the plus button that can be found on the left of the preferences page
Go to the right of the page and click on the video that you would like to be able to see
Now every single camera will have its own little pane on your screen

While we are all security conscious to some degree, there are those of us who like to go that little bit further. Now monitoring whats going on outside your home is easier than it ever has been. While not everyone wants to set up web cams so they can see everythings alright, a lot of students do. When youre away from home for the first time you may be feeling particularly vulnerable, which could lead to few security worries. Students also tend to like the latest gadgets and developments in technology, and because student broadband is cheaper than some broadband packages, they can save a little bit of cash. This extra bit of cash can go towards the cost of an iCam security system that may satisfy their need to security, and enable them to enjoy using the latest technology.

Its not yet clear if student broadband is compatible with apps such as iCam, so its worthwhile checking to see if there are any limitations.

Pros & Cons
When it comes to using the latest technology, there are always some pros and cons, no matter what the gadget or programme is. Knowing the pros & cons can help you to decide whether this method of technology is the right one for you.

Extra security and peace of mind 24/7
You can adjust the settings so youre alerted if motion is detected
You get to enjoy playing with the latest technology

The cost of the camera(s) and the app may become expensive
If your broadband and/or electric goes off, the system may fail to work until power is restored

The motion detectors may pick up more than you wish, which means you could receive an alert every time the postman delivers yet another bill
Setting up a web cam so it can be linked to your burglar alarm is easy, and it can give you that extra bit of security youve always wanted.

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