Commercial Intruder Alarms Internet Monitoring Is It Worthwhile?

No matter what your business is and what you do; you can be sure that its worthwhile protecting your premises. At the end of the working day someone always has to set the alarm, whether it’s the last person out, or a member of the security team. Because of recent technological advances, people are now able to control just about everything via the internet. Commercial businesses now have the option of choosing to monitor their alarm system online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

But is it worthwhile? Is the extra expense and fuss worth it? Why don’t people stick to traditional methods of securing their premises? Arent regular burglar alarms and/or security staff enough? Sometimes theyre not, and its likely that if someone wants to get onto your premises, they will work hard to do just that.

These days you will find there are apps and programs available that do just about anything, and this includes securing your premises, and keeping it that way. A lot of website and app creators want to offer us just about everything under the sun and make life so much easier. When it comes to securing your business premises, you can do just that at a touch of a button, whether it is on your computer or your mobile phone.

The Cost of Internet Monitoring
If you run a business, or you at least deal with the expenses, youll know how important it is to be as frugal as possible. Theres no point paying out for something you just wont use. Theres also no point paying extra for one thing when something cheaper does the same job. So is this the case when it comes to internet monitoring? Can the additional expense be justified?

The fact of the matter is that a ‘Starter kit will set you back at lease £179, which isnt too much if your business is a large one, but if youre a small company, it could prove to be too expensive. Not only will you have to pay for the ‘Starter kit, but theres the additional monthly fee on top of that too. The monthly fee could be anything from £8 to £48 depending on your service provider and exactly what youre paying for.

Some of the gadgets you will receive in your kit may include a hub, a smart plug, key fobs, motion sensors; door contact(s) an external decoy siren that does not give off any sound.

But thats not all the costs covered as your ‘Starter kit will not come with every gadget you may need to keep your premises secure. The kit will come with a set of fob keys and other gadgets, but its unlikely there will be motion sensors, external audible alarms and more. This means you will have to pay out for additional gadgets if you would like them. Some of the gadgets you may be interested in purchasing may include:

Door sensors
Window sensors
Smoke detectors
Gas leak detectors
External sirens
Carbon monoxide detectors
Panic buttons
Water leak detectors

As you can imagine, this called all cost quite a bit if you wanted to secure your premises properly and control it via an online dashboard. If you have particularly valuable assets on site, it may be worth your while paying a little more each month to have the security and peace of mind you need.

Why Not Stick To Traditional Methods?
Some of you may be wondering if you should just stick to traditional methods of security that has satisfied your needs so far. While some people may be more than happy to do just this, the world of technology and gadgetry is moving on, and its moving quickly. This means it could now be even easier for thieves to break into your premises by shutting your alarm off, and taking your stock and/or business information.

There are also people who like to move with the times and want to have the latest gadgets. If youre one of these people and you can afford to pay a little extra to get some smart technology, then theres no stopping you.
If you happen to use your home as a business premises, you could in effect kill two birds with one stone. You could monitor the business side of things and the descriptions of your home, meaning you have peace of mind in both areas.

If you would like to get this gadgetry, and a member of your team is a student, you may want to think about getting student broadband, which offers a lower price for those who are at college or university. Student broadband may only be available to those who are currently studying and there could be limits to who uses the internet, but its worth taking a look because it could save you a bit of cash each month.

Exploring Your Options
One of the best things you can do to determine whether internet monitoring of your commercial intruder alarm is worth your while, is to take a look at your needs. If your needs are being met by your security system(s) and your security staff, you may not need to even consider this form of protection. If you would simply like peace of mind, and being able to monitor your premises online or via an app with give you that, then you may want to think seriously about it.
Make sure you have a good look at the range of internet monitoring security products that are on the market right now. Every single product will be slightly different but they will offer the same sort of security.

While there may be a lot of scepticism surrounding internet monitoring of alarms, the systems enable the user(s) to see whos at the premises, detect faults and be informed quickly in case something goes wrong. Take a look at the wide range of options that are available to you so you can secure your premises today.

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