What Other Digital Currencies Are Worth Buying Besides Bitcoin?

On January 28th, Yitanzi, a Tokyo-based real estate company, will sell a commercial building for 547 bitcoins in the coming weeks, according to CCN. It is the first building in Japan to be sold in Bitcoin. If you convert 547 bitcoins into dollars, the building will cost about $6 million.

Nowadays, as one of the world’s largest digital currency markets, Japanese real estate is now the first to embrace Bitcoin in physical transactions, which refutes the views that “bitcoin is now full of bubbles and no longer worth buying.” So many people who don’t know much about digital money may question why Bitcoin is worth buying. So let’s talk about why Bitcoin is a digital currency worth buying.

First, the total amount of Bitcoin (Digital currency) is constant.

Since the formal decoupling of the legal tender from the gold and silver standard, the issuance of the legal tender in various countries has followed certain rules, but basically there is no longer a limit on the total amount, that is to say, Bitcoin can be theoretically issued without restriction. To put it in a nutshell, to some extent, that’s the reason for the depreciation of money.

The mechanism, designed by Nakamoto, bitcoin designer, has already determined that the total amount of digital money is constant in the beginning. And Nakamoto has predicted that 99.95% of bitcoin will be mined (issued)by around 2045. By 2140, bitcoin will not be able to continue to be subdivided when the total 21 million bitcoins will be fully mined(issued),

If the amount is constant, bitcoins won’t depreciate in the long run as more and more people buy it.

Second, decentralization is an important feature of Bitcoin. (Digital currency).

Bitcoin is not issued or regulated by any central bank, specific organization or group, but generated solely in accordance with its own calculation rules, All balances / transactions are distributed on each node, so none central server can tamper with this data. Such typical decentralization makes it hard for Bitcoin to be manipulated or fake.

However, we also note that most of the so-called “digital money” in the market is not decentralized. For example, Player Coin, the virtual digital assets launched and monitored by Thunder Company, caused a sensation last year. If you want to get the coins, you should first buy the cloud produced by Thunder, according to Thunder, users can share the bandwidth and computing power to get some playing coin, and how much u get depends on how much u give.

Playing coins seems to be the same as Bitcoin, but it’s not really a digital currency. It is neither decentralized nor strictly encrypted, and the number of issues is easily manipulated by the issuer. Once the day, the rules are changed or wiped out under the supervision of the government, playing coins will be followed by price fluctuations, and may even be worthless.

So what other digital currency is worth buying other than Bitcoin?

Digital currencies, already issued and gained higher market recognition, include Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin, however the most famous one of what will be launched soon is Lioncoin.

LNC, the English name for Lioncoin, was born in June 2017. It is a 6th generation encrypted digital currency developed successfully in the United States by Alpha Blockchain Labs for three years. Alpha Blockchain Labs is made up of the core members of the research and development teams such as Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple, as well as professors and experts from a number of universities. The strong technical strength of the team is recognized by the industry.

Lioncoin is based on the most advanced mixed block chain technology with the optimized Scrypt+HASH algorithm as the core, and adopts the highly innovative “POW+TPOS+POSL” proof method. The pioneering construction of LNCAI intelligent contract system is a typical decentralization of digital money. Most notably, the Lioncoin has both FCA and FINRA digital encryption licenses and is likely to be the first digital currency to trade physical goods from the date of issue. It is said that after more than half a year of initial mining and certification LNC will make its presence on February 2018 to the global market.

Collectors and enthusiasts of digital money can look at several of the digital currencies listed above. Of course, the birth of new currencies often means the opening of new wealth markets.

Company Name: Alpha Blockchain Labs
Contact Person: Justin Gardner
Address: Washington, DC
Tele: +1-320-402-2880
E-mail: ilioncoin@gmail.com
Website: www.lnc.io


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