New Milestone In Digital Currency Lioncoin Is Here

In 2017, a digital currency, headed by a Bitcoin, showed strong investment attributes. Not only has Bitcoin soared many times, but the rise is also getting crazier and crazier, attracting the attention of many investors and becoming a financial product in the eyes of people. Of course, digital currencies such as Bitcoin have also tumbled. Thus, some people believe that it is a big bubble. Which one is it?

I. Status of digital money

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin were created in January 3rd 2009 by Nakamoto and are based on a borderless peer-to-peer network, using consensual initiative open source software to invent an electronic encrypted currency which uses block chains as payment technology. Its main features are decentralization, strong encryption, convenient transactions etc. Decentralization means that Bitcoin is not issued by the central bank, and the entire network is made up of users, which maximizes the security and freedom of Bitcoin. Strong encryption, because bitcoin is the use of block chain technology for encryption calculation, there is basically no possibility of being broken. Transaction is portable, no regulation, and it trades freely, turnover and trading time are determined by dealers.

Perhaps the primary role of digital currencies is to solve the trust problem in virtual economy system through technology rather than central institutions. Digital currencies can play a very important role in e-commerce, retail payments and personal to personal transfers, and central banks can play a more instructive role in this regard. Moreover, digital money can also reduce the high cost of traditional paper money issuance and circulation, and enhance the convenience and transparency of economic transactions. In the future, the establishment of digital currencies issuance and circulation system will also help our country build a new financial infrastructure and further improve our payment system.

Even now there are plenty of Bitcoin or digital currency bears. However, Bitcoin is still soaring amid all the controversy. In 2017, the lowest price of Bitcoin was $789 in the year and the highest price was $18674, with an overall growth of about 1700% a year. Even John McAfee , the founder of the famous American hacker and antivirus software McAfee, also stated that he would promise on his honor : By end of 2020, Bitcoin will cost $1 million.

II. Lioncoin linking digital currency and legal currency

The rapid development of Bitcoin has stimulated and spawned “coins” of different names in varying degrees. By 2018, a new digital currency, the Lioncoin, was born. Lioncoin, or LNC, is the English name of Lioncoin. It was born in June 2017 and is a 6th generation encrypted digital currency developed successfully in the United States by Alpha Blockchain Labs over three years. Alpha Blockchain Labs is made up of the core members of the research and development teams such as Wright coin, etheric square and Ripple, as well as professors and experts from many universities. The technical strength of the team is recognized by the industry.

Lioncoin is based on the most advanced mixed block chain technology, with the optimized Scrypt+HASH algorithm as the core, and adopts the highly innovative “POW+TPOS+POSL” proof method. The intelligent contract system of LNCAI is constructed in a groundbreaking way. LNCAI is a P2P protocol + intelligent contract-based protocol architecture and cycle architecture. The ability to register, authenticate, transform, exchange, gamble, circulate, and other more complex interoperable operations on a variety of digital assets. It is reassuring that the Lioncoin has obtained a dual digital encryption license from two of the most authoritative institutions in the global cryptographic digital currency industry, the UK Financial Regulatory Authority (FCA)and the Financial Regulatory Authority of the United States(FINRA).

In fact, the Lioncoin is not only a digital currency, but also a payment system. It can pay, accept and store any currency, including the United States dollar, Ripple, Euro, RMB and other legal coins; Virtual currency such as Bitcoin, Wright coin; Indirect currencies, such as gold, silver and valuable financial derivatives, which links digital currencies with legal and indirect currencies. In the future, the Lioncoin’s vision is to create a truly usable digital currency with circulating value and investment value, as well as a global free trade platform for commodities. The player who holds the Lioncoin can go to anywhere in the world to pay for clothing, food, living, drinking, playing and so on, which makes the Lioncoin produce value in circulation. There is no doubt that the Lioncoin will become a new milestone in digital money.

After more than six months of initial mining and certification, the Lioncoin will be officially launched on February 2018 for global markets, according to overseas sources.

III. The Lioncoin leads the 2018 digital money year

Recently, the concept of block chain once again become popular, and Zhen Fund’s Xu Xiaoping made a statement in a large group of CEO cast:

“Dear CEO, the block chain revolution has arrived. It is a great technological revolution of prosperity and reverse, and its subversion of tradition will be more rapid and thorough than that of the Internet and the mobile Internet. I hope you take immediate action, based on your own business, do a good job of existing models, understand the block chain, understand ICO, step into the block chain era. We do not hesitate to block chain revolution. Mobilize all executives and employees immediately to learn how to embrace this revolution! Zhen-Foundation organized this industry leaders to explain and interpret the description of block chain, but I appeal to you with all wisdom, do not only envy the others but to rush into the revolution of block chain , to meet the huge impact that block chain is about to bring to the industry.”

Perhaps the revolution in digital money, whether it is blockchain or digital currencies that based on blockchain technology, has arrived and is a global trend.

However, on September on 2017, seven ministries and commissions, including the people’s Bank of China, jointly stopped ICO, characterizing it as an illegal fund-raising project. Nevertheless, in February 15th, Zhou Xiaochuan, the governor of the central bank, said in an interview: Central bank began to study digital currency early, the replacement of real currency is natural selection, the trend of the times; There is no timetable for the introduction of digital currency, and real and digital currencies are likely to coexist for the long term. The central bank has thoroughly studied other related technologies of digital currency, such as block chain technology, mobile payment, trusted and controllable cloud computing, cryptographic algorithms, security chips and so on. we have reasons to believe that the central bank’s call to stop and regulate the ICO is largely aimed at better regulating the digital money market and allowing digital money to grow in a better environment.

Throughout the country, Tencent, Alibaba have also released block chain technology development strategy, NetEase, Thunder, 360 have layout blockchain. Abroad Facebook, founder Mark Zuckerberg announced in an open letter on January 5th. His personal annual challenge plan for 2018 is to use the “encryption technology and encrypted digital currency” transformation platform to apply decentralization to Facebook services. The vision of “giving power back to people from a centralized system” can be realized. Now, the block chain economy has been in the eve of the outbreak, and the birth of the Lioncoin is the first to respond to the encrypted digital currency for the actual application of the development direction. We should believe that the Lioncoin will open the real first year of 2018 digital currency.

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