Energy Share (EGS) open a new energy era

The world’s population base is large, and its dependence on energy is increasing, which caused the energy crisis become more and more heavy. All countries in the world are seeking new energy to replace the environment pollution and the shortage of coal resources. With the expansion of the world’s resources, a new energy source with renewable energy as the core is gradually affecting people’s life. At the same time, new terms such as energy Internet, carbon trading, electric cars and smart transportation, enter People’s Daily life, which add convenience, security and other benefits to people’s life. The rise of the energy Internet has attracted the attention of the international community and the world capital, including the energy storage system, which also brings reliable guarantee for the development of energy economy. With the use of Energy Share(EGS) technology, the electricity price that people are concerned about, and taking the distributed photovoltaic as an example, the technology adopts the precision management of block chain, with the low cost of transaction process, and the convenience of transportation.

In order to manage the future energy circuits, EGS has a wide range of development prospects, using wind and solar energy for household operation. Ordinary consumption, recharging the battery or repairing the battery, and developing renewable resources, are very useful. In terms of energy Internet, enterprises, scholars and experts of social aspect are constantly exploring and discussing. Dr. Rifkin believed that the descriptions of energy Internet are mainly divided into three parts: from fossil fuels to renewable energy, from centralized to decentralized, from closed to open, which suggested that the future of new energy will develop more diversified. EGS (energy sharing) is committed to building a world-class GESC community to promote the decentralization system based on green energy metering, registration, management and transaction settlement of EGS network and local micro grid. In terms of electricity charge, the digital attitude of block chain is used in EGS energy. Each WATT represents the real power that 1 KWH stores in the micro grid distributed energy storage equipment, and certain charges will be deducted every 15 minutes. Future deals will be more than just power deals, and typical energy deals will be more common. In the community, green energy is widely used, and EGS charging service and payment service will form a regional network. In the after-sale service of battery repair, the company will use the new technology for the battery repair and its electricity demand shall be integrated into the EGS network. Then, the original polluting battery industry will become cleaner and cleaner. In order to let more people enjoy the high quality service, EGS’s transmission field expands unceasingly, multinational companies from South Korea, the United States and Europe to Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries, who chose the EGS in long-term planning. In asset management, the user can meter the electricity consumption by using the multiple hardware equipment, such as, smart meter and battery, and the system will automatically deduct the electricity consumption.

As a pioneer of new energy technology, EGS’s technology is developed by many experts from home and abroad. With partners all over the world, from Asia to the United States and Europe, more and more enterprises and partners choose EGS, and the market prospect is very good, which is favored by energy companies of all countries. More and more people choose new energy technology, which also provides an opportunity for the development of EGS technology.

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