What and How to Wear hat

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As the cold hit, if you want to take a well warmed those in mufa, can opt for a hat or cap as some call it here. In English the name is beanies.

And if you want to incorporate a look at your know that a neutral can be used with a mounted neutral or color or colors you want. A color can easily be used as a touch of color mounted all crafted in neutral. You can also use a color a color already present in mounted on a different tone or shade if you prefer. Facilitates. Especially in a very colorful look. But logical to look to color the well may use a different color from the color of other parts involved in assembly without the need for encucar whether or not coordinate because it has its skin (face) in the middle making this possible. Logical that the look will be coloridaço but worth.

And that goes for stamping too. If a stamp is all crafted in neutral, following the hint of neutral color if you have a color or colors, you can use the approach of how to proceed with full color. If you print the mount can also use the same pattern with a color or colors in common but different scales or use different prints with scales with equal color or colors in common between the dies used.

And as you can see in the photos, you can use either for a casual look, go for a more informal and socialzinho type enternada day or night. And can use with glasses as well.

If it is to work with a hat / cap when entering, take it out of the head as it will make the sunglasses, if using. Already on places to enjoy some informal can leave the cap on the head if you want when entering indoors. On the street, he can always stay. At the table, the better you get. is professional in tailor made suits ,exclusive designed,full canvas made to measure suits Top quality men suits-choose us and believe us.

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