What about the Smaller Search Engines

You just got a cracking deal on your TV, phone and broadband packages and you are about to get started surfing the web. When you think about searching for information the first search engine that generally comes to mind is Google. In fact, most people will say that you should ‘Google it. However, there are many other search engines that you could be using to look for information online. It is important that you know about these other search engines and what they have to offer. Most people will stay away from smaller search engines because they feel that they do not have the same level of results. This is not always true and you have to consider that.

One of Googles major competitors is Bing. This search engine has actually been around for a really long time. Unfortunately, saying that you should Bing it doesnt have the same ring to Google it. When you look into Bing you will see that it is powered b y Microsoft. This has brought a number of different uses to it that you should consider.

Bing is more commonly known than many of the other smaller search engines. This is mainly due to all Microsoft products using Bing as their default search engine. You cant actually blame Microsoft for doing this when you consider the monopoly that Google has on the search engine market.

The real test of the search engine comes when you look at the results that you get. Bing will actually offer you very good results to all of your queries. The algorithm used by this search engine is different to Google which means that you are going to be getting different results. This is often very refreshing as you do not have to go through all of the same results that you do with Google. Bing is also a slightly better looking search engine.

After Bing, Yahoo is probably Googles next competition. The one thing you have to remember about Yahoo is that it is actually more than a search engine. Yahoo offers email, news and social interactions. This makes it a lot more like Google than Bing. However, there are a lot of people who feel that Yahoo has fallen a bit short in recent years.

For a while there was a lot of competition between Google and Yahoo, but Google has definitely been winning lately. The overall layout of Yahoo is very reminiscent of Google and some people are not sure is this is a good or bad idea for this search engine.

When you look at the actual searching with this site you will find that Yahoo is actually powered by Bing. This means that you are essentially using the Bing search engine, but on the Yahoo platform. The results you get from Yahoo are going to be very similar to the results you get from Bing.

If you are looking for a search engine that is unlike any of the others then Mahalo is the one for you. Most search engines will use complex algorithms to determine which results will rank where. This is not the case with Mahalo. This search engine is powered by the power of humans.

This means that there are thousands of people who review all the description online and rate where it should be on the results. This means that you are getting results chosen by people and not a computer algorithm. This also means that you are likely to get information that is very different to any of the other search engines.

The Internet Archive
The search facility on the Internet Archive is not actually that useful for everyday tasks. However, if you look at a website and are sure that it has changed you can find out with the Internet Archive search. This website allows you to search for a website and see what they use to look like. This is more of a fun search engine than one that you can actually use for information.

Ask which is also known as Ask Jeeves has been around for quite a while. One of the main advantages to using Ask is that you can ask more human questions. The search engine is able to find results based on a more natural way of asking than many of the other search engines.

This search engine is definitely worth keeping in mind when you are looking for something. The interface of the search engine is also nicer than Google which is always an added advantage.

Yippy is another search engine that takes a slightly different approach to the whole concept. Instead of cataloguing all of the websites on the internet Yippy will search other search engines. This means that when you search in Yippy you are looking at what the other search engines have to offer and you will find a combination of results.

One of the main advantages to Yippy is that you are going to be getting information from web pages that are not commonly found. Most people will not leave the first page of Google. Yippy will be getting you results from the depths of all the search engines.

Duck Duck Go
When you look at Duck Duck Go you may think that this is a very similar search engine to Google. However, once you get past the surface of the search engine you will be able to see all the ways that this website is great. There are a number of features that you can find on the front page of the search engine that are great. The way that the results are displayed is also very good and you have to try it to understand.

There are a number of smaller search engines that you can use other than Google. Some of these search engines are better known than others like Bing and Yahoo. However, there are some of the other smaller ones that take unique approaches to search engine results that could offer you a better experience and better information. There are also some search engines that are more for fund then to actually find information.

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