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Dongles, or USB network adaptors, vary greatly on highest available download speed, and the overall contract length. Looking at the USB connectors, they are all very sleek and lightweight. Many are smaller than a lighter, and have the power to deliver over 40MB per second (on some dongles). Many broadband companies offer a variety of different contracts. While some are contracts paid every month, some are a “pay as you use”, others still are on a month to month basis. Compare broadband deals against your needs to find the best value for you.
Compare broadband through narrowed options
Options should be narrowed down based on your specific connection requirements. For some, a simple 5GB every month may suffice for their web browsing and occasional Pinterest sessions. For those who enjoy watching multiple YouTube videos every day, listen to the radio and stream movies, a substantially bigger data limit should be sought. By understanding your profile you will have a better gauge for the data limit you will need.
Think also about where you will use you laptop. If you are going to spend most of the time within reach of a wireless hotspot then the mobile broadband dongle might be a back-up only.
Satellite broadband is another option if you have no mobile phone coverage. It is less expensive than running your home network through a dongle or mi-fi device
Download MB per second
Download speed can be a huge factor in deciding the right broadband plan. Many users can relate to watching a web page slowly load down the screen, or wait while it takes a few minutes to load the recent posts on Facebook. Do you really need it faster though. If you need if super fast then 4G is the only way forward. Currently EE are the only 4G provider, but the rest of the big players are rolling services out.
Lets compare broadband packages for heavy internet users.
Three Mobile Broadband 15GB
Simply Put, the Huawei Premium dongle is one of the strongest available on the market today. 3 (Three), is the company who has endorsed the current deal. The offer of £15.99 per month for the usage of the dongle and its services is a great 2-year contract choice. For that price you get 15GB of download every month. Not only does the USB connection grant 15GB, but it also can deliver the streaming 40% faster than other dongles, leaving this Huawei as the fastest on the market.
More About the Huawei Premium Dongle
In case anyone is intrigued at the size of this device the USB stick is measures in at 8.9 cm long and 1.2 cm thick. Not only is the size of the stick small enough to fit into someones pocket, but it could equally get lost in there.
Another feature of this USB stick is the ability to twist the base. This will allow the user to maneuver the dongle to attempt at a better connection. Sometimes all it takes is the receiver to be tilted into another direction to greatly increase the reception. The ability to twist allows the stick to go directly up, allowing for users to squeeze into smaller spaces too.
EE 4G Mobile Broadband
EE has taken the same Huawei Premium dongle and geared it in a different manner. The download amount has been reduced to 5GB. This is not in the hands of Huawei, but rather in the hands of EE. The lowered download amount however, is coupled with an incredibly high download speed. Using the premium USB device, you can get the most out of the 4G broadband on offer.
The monthly download capacity is lower than Three at 5GB (which is still a lot of browsing in one month; if not a lot of streaming). The price of the two year contract is also slightly higher, in £20.99.
These two companies seem to top the competition for the best broadband combination of speed and download capacity. If the user has narrowed down their search to either of these services using the Huawei Premium dongle, it becomes a simple question. Does one want to jeopardise speed in place of overall download capacity? Or do you want one of the fastest broadband connections available, but have one third of the other download capacity?
Three Mobile Broadband Lite
Whilst looking into a more economical choice,one might stumble on the Three Mobile Broadband Lite USB stick. This package has speeds matching the beefier Three Mobile Premium USB package. However, the difference lies in the download capacity. The maximum monthly download amount is 1GB. This is targeted at users who are light users, or have their dongle as a back up. Users could reach 1GB of download relatively quickly. With the prevalence of Wi-Fi hotspots, and a fixed broadband line at home, 1 GB might be enough to plug the gaps in your day to day connectivity.
1GB can truly last well over a month when used in moderation. It can go in an hour if you are streaming high definition movie though.

Waiting for 4G
It is wise for most consumers to avoid getting tied into a long mobile broadband contract unless they are set up to access 4G as soon as it is available on the network. 4G is going to make mobile broadband ten times faster and will have coverage around the UK. May providers of smartphones are offering consumers free upgrades to 4G compatible devices as soon as the network is upgraded. Look out for this kind of offer if you are getting tied in.
Satellite Broadband
This is not cheap, but it is available to everyone, there is no need for mobile coverage or cables, all you need is a view of the Southern sky. Bandwidth limitations and speeds increase every few months and it is a real option if you live in the back of beyond. Set up costs are very high with about £500 for installation.
Consider Mi-Fi
Mi-Fi is a relatively new technology to come on to the market. It works over the mobile broadband networks but offers consumers the opportunity to connect up to five devices simultaneously. Essentially it is a mobile broadband router, rather than a modem. The flexibility, portability and connectivity of these devices makes them head and shoulders above dongles in many regards. They are of course more expensive too, so look out for deals,

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