An Overview of Sky Broadband

Sky is one of the largest providers of media services in the UK. They have services for a number of devices in your home including your TV, your phone and your computer. Sky Broadband offers several unique features for all of its customers, such as a free router, bonuses for customers who use their other services, different tiers of service and much more. Let’s take a look at what Sky is offering its broadband users.

Three Tiers of Service

Like many other broadband providers, Sky offers three tiers of service. Each of these tiers is tailored to people with different needs in their broadband services. They vary quite a bit in price, data limits and bandwidth.

Sky Broadband Lite

Sky Broadband Lite is the most basic version of Sky’s broadband service. It is tailored towards people who only require very minimal, low bandwidth Internet use. This is the best plan for people who only need to go online thing for things such as email and browsing basic sites such as blogs and online newspapers. It only offers 2GB of service a month. However, if you’re only using the Internet for text-based sites, this is more than enough. It is free for customers who also subscribe to Sky TV with Sky Talk and Sky Line Rental.

Sky Broadband Unlimited

Sky Broadband Unlimited is the tier of Sky’s broadband services that is catered towards a heavier Internet user. It is marketed towards people who download and stream media such as movies, TV shows and music. Because you have unlimited broadband with this tier of service, you can download as much as you want. This tier is £10 a month when purchased along with Sky Talk Weekends and Sky Line Rental. It comes down to £7.50 a month if you also purchase a TV plan.

Sky Fibre Unlimited

Sky Fibre Unlimited is the premium broadband package from Sky. This plan provides superior upstream and downstream speeds, as well as more bandwidth. This makes it ideal for people who routinely download very large files as well as households with several users. It is also the recommended tier of service for people who play a lot of online video games. It is much more costly at £41.50 a month when purchased with Sky Line Rental. This fee is reduced to £20 if you also get a Sky Talk plan.


Many broadband providers promise unlimited service, but it isn’t truly unlimited due to hidden caveats such as traffic shaping and “fair use” policies. Fortunately for Sky customers, their broadband service is truly unlimited. They advertise that your service will never be slowed down or interrupted during peak usage hours. You will also never have your speeds throttled once you hit a certain amount of usage each month.

Sky Hub

Each Sky Broadband plan comes with a Sky Hub router. It offers a number of special features that were developed to give a consistently strong wireless signal to all of your devices. It has WPS security to prevent your signal from being stolen by outsiders. It can be connected to your Sky Box TV system to access Sky’s On Demand service. It also has multiple wireless channels that are constantly monitored so that the Sky Hub can send your signal along the channel with the least interference. For customers who are frugal or environmentally conscious, it has a power-saving mode that draws less energy when the router is not in use.

Switching Providers

One of the most bragged about aspects of Sky’s product is their customer service. This is heavily reflected in their options for customers who are switching over from another broadband provider. If you are switching, you can contact Sky and they will handle the process for you. Their Switch Squad gets in touch with your existing company and makes all of the arrangements. Within 2 weeks, your service will switch to Sky’s broadband while using the existing infrastructure.

When it comes to broadband in the UK, the landscape is filled with many great options. One of the best options is the service offered by Sky. Its versatile tiers of service catered to each type of customer, extremely comprehensive customer service and truly unlimited data make it a great choice for just about anybody who needs an Internet provider.

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