Travelling in Europe this Autumn? Here’s Where to Go

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In many ways, autumn is the perfect time to go travelling in Europe. Following the busiest periods during the summer months, many of the continent’s finest cities are much quieter and easier to navigate. There’s the added benefit, too, of enjoying the pleasant autumnal colours which decorate many of Europe’s stunning areas of natural beauty.

Heading to some of Europe’s famous cities during this quieter period will also mean more reasonable prices on accommodation, travel and any activities. Restaurants and city squares will be much quieter too, so autumn truly is the perfect season to enjoy a more laidback time whilst travelling in Europe.

Turin, Italy

Much like its fellow Italian city, Florence, Turin is arguably at its most beautiful during the autumn months. A stunning array of colours decorate the evening sky above the city, whilst huge savings can be made on out-of-season bookings for your hotel and any excursions you plan to take.

Gdansk, Poland

A city which is becoming increasingly popular due to its stunning beauty, Gdansk is ideal for visiting during the autumn season. As a buzzing hub of culture, entertainment and sport, this Polish city will undoubtedly be a highlight of your time travelling in Europe.

Budapest, Hungary

Regarded as one of Europe’s most romantic cities, the Hungarian capital is truly a beautiful place. You’ll be desperately reluctant to leave having soaked up the incredible sights of the Parliament building, the river and the glowing landscape made up of bright, warm autumnal colours.

Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao’s most famous attraction, the Guggenheim Museum, is home to works by some of the world’s greatest and most well-known artists, including Andy Warhol and Yves Klein. Take advantage of the much shorter queues for the museum by heading there during the autumn, and don’t forget to visit the many vineyards that surround the city – the colours are nothing short of remarkable!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The trees above the city’s famous canal are at their finest during the autumn months, with a warming orange glow reflecting onto the water below. Another of Europe’s most romantic destinations, be sure to check out Amsterdam’s many boutique shops and hotels. If you find the time, book yourself onto a dinner cruise for the evening!

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scottish capital is especially beautiful during the autumn months, with the city’s landscape in particular being absolutely breath taking. Head up to Edinburgh’s historic castle, or book yourself onto a Loch Ness tour – not something you’ll forget in a hurry!

Pula, Croatia

Forget Dubrovnik, Zadar and Zagreb – Pula is where you need to head to whilst travelling in Europe! A city steeped in history, Pula is home to one of the most well-preserved Roman amphitheatres in all of Europe. It’s ideal for both the culture vulture and for those looking for a more relaxing beach holiday – everybody’s a winner here!

There’s undoubtedly more to travelling in Europe than just the summer sun. The continent is ideal for an autumn trip, with stunning natural beauty and charming colours decorating a whole host of wonderfully cultural and historic cities and towns, from the canal of Amsterdam to the parliament of Budapest!

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