Travelling in Europe: Top Five Destinations to Discover this Autumn

Travelling in Europe during the autumn months offers visitors a more leisurely, laidback experience than the frenzied tourism and holidaymaking of the long, hot summer.

At this time of year the schools have gone back, most of Europe is back at work and the continent settles into its traditional non-holiday routine. This makes it the perfect time for visitors wanting to immerse themselves in the authentic way of life of these beautiful destinations.

Here are five of our favourite places in Europe to visit in autumn.

1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

For those of you who want to go travelling in Europe this autumn but aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the summer sun, Dubrovnik in Croatia is a great destination for hot autumn sunshine. The autumn temperatures here are warm enough to extend your summer wardrobe for a few more months and sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the sea is still inviting. There’s also plenty going on in Dubrovnik at this time of year with a range of autumn music and food festivals held in the city.

2. Budapest, Hungary

Another city which holds on to the summer sunshine well into October, but loses the summer crowds, is Budapest. This beautiful Baroque city is a treat to visit at any time of year, but autumn is a special time in the city when it celebrates its rich gastronomic traditions. Expect a variety of festivals to cover everything from music, food and wine to foie gras and even the local speciality pastries, ‘chimney cakes’.

3. Barcelona, Spain

It is virtually impossible to see any of Barcelona’s beautiful sights during the summer months through the throng of tourists the city attracts. With the end of the summer holidays the city returns to its vibrant, bustling self and visitors can explore more than just the cultural highlights without fighting through crowds – they can discover the city’s true heart and soul. The warmth of the autumn sunshine makes this an ideal time of year to walk around and enjoy the city’s thriving outdoor café culture.

4. Piedmont, Italy

If food and wine are your passion then there is no better place to visit than the Piedmont region of Italy, and no better time to do it than during the autumn months. At this time of year the region celebrates all its gifts with a range of vibrant food and wine festivals. The locals come together to show off and give thanks for local delicacies including its world famous truffles, mushrooms, chocolates and chestnuts. Harvest time in the region’s vineyards make this a time for celebration amongst the wine producers and, of course, lots of wine tasting.

5. Oslo, Norway

Take time while you’re travelling in Europe to watch the seasons change from summer to autumn in Oslo. The city’s beautiful parks and the stunning Oslomarka Forest just outside it are a rich glow of reds, yellows and oranges at this time of year, creating a stunning backdrop for a visit to the city. There is a party mood here in the autumn as the residents say goodbye to summer and prepare for the long winter months ahead, so expect lots of activities and festivals to make the most of the last of the year’s long days.

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Author: Desiree Michels