Demonic Destinations: Europe’s Most Harrowing Halloween Haunts

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Whilst America may be considered the world’s number one Halloween haven, Europe is filled with spooky spots, frightening tales and ancient architecture. The continent’s intriguing history and rich, varied culture makes for a whole host of destinations ideal for spending the Halloween period.

If you’re travelling in Europe during October, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to ghost stories, petrifying parades and frightening fun. Halloween offers the perfect opportunity to soak up the local culture and traditions of a European city, and have a spooky old time whilst you’re at it!

Prague, Czech Republic

A city which is guaranteed to send shivers through your body, Prague is not to be missed around the month of October whilst you’re travelling in Europe. Take a tour of the city’s medieval architecture, wander through its winding streets and soak up the mystery that runs throughout Prague.

The city is perfectly geared up for celebrating on October 31st, so be sure to check out frightening attractions including the Torture Museum, Old Jewish Cemetery and Charles Bridge. Before you leave, don’t forget to take a wander through the Prague Old Town, which has been used as the setting for many of the local’s scary stories.

London, England

Having been home to the notorious killer Jack the Ripper, London is filled with ghoulish tales, horror stories and frightening streets. If you’re looking for a European city with a bloody history, then look no further.

London is truly an unmissable city for anyone travelling in Europe. Frequently cited as one of the world’s most haunted cities, the English capital provides fertile soil for ghost tours and themed dinner parties held in its many infamous spooky spots.

Transylvania, Romania

Romania’s most scenic area, Transylvania is of course the home of the notorious tale of Dracula. The region, too, offers the backdrop for a journey not only through intriguing and mysterious villages, but also back into the country and the region’s history, with many of the villages in Transylvania seemingly stuck in time.

Be sure to take a trip up to the Bran Castle, and don’t forget to get involved in the local traditions and culture, which will certainly give you an authentic Halloween experience.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The final stop on your terrifying tour whilst you’re travelling in Europe simply has to be the charming and historic city of Edinburgh in Scotland. With the ancient traditions of the Celtic festival of Samhain still preserved in both Scotland and Ireland today, there’s no better destination for those who enjoy the historic side to Halloween.

The colossal Edinburgh castle, stories of paranormal happenings, mysterious and eerie streets all make for a city which is sure to provide all its visitors with a frightening few days.

So, whether it’s the architecture of Prague, the castles of Edinburgh and Transylvania, or the blood-curdling history of London, there’s no doubt that travelling in Europe should be right at the top of your list this Halloween season.

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