7579Stunning unusual handcrafted jewellery crafted from semi-precious Lapis Lazuli and Malachite.

If you are looking for an individual and unusual piece of handcrafted jewellery then choosing a design that includes either of the stunning natural semi-precious stones Lapis Lazuli or Malachite would be a good choice. These two natural stones are some of the deepest in colour the beautiful blue of the Lapis lazuli or the stunning natural green of the Malachite.

Malachite is very popular today when set in pieces of unusual jewellery because of the beautiful colour. Malachite is the mineral copper ore and comes in a brilliant green colour marked with bands of the same colour. It is a soft natural stone so makes it very easy for carving and making into beads and pendants so that they can be used to make pieces of handcrafted jewellery. The stone is opaque and it polishes up beautifully but because it is a soft stone it is not very good for making rings or bracelets but for the making of beads and pendants to create unique handcrafted jewellery it is perfect.

Malachite is another stunning natural stone and this one is a very deep rich green colour and again is used extensively to make unusual handcrafted jewellery designs and has many qualities. It is said that if a pendant of Malachite is placed around a small child’s neck when they are teething it will remove the pain. Also if it is held over a woman that is in the last stages of labour it will ease her labour pains and aid a faster and easier birth. One of the properties that are said to posses is that it will cure all ailments of the eye and will bring you good luck and protect you from evil.

Genuine Lapis Lazuli is a deep natural blue in colour and is an opaque stone and the colour is true and very intense making it much loved among artisans from creating unique and original pieces of handcrafted jewellery. The stone sometimes has small flecks of sparkling gold and silver and these are the mineral pyrite sometimes known as fool’s gold. The purest and finest of the stones is an even blue with a purplish tint and does not have the flecks of pyrite. Occasionally it can be mottled with small flecks of white.

Lapis Lazuli is the birthstone of anyone that was born in December so giving a piece of handcrafted jewellery to someone whose birthday falls in this month makes it a perfect gift. This beautiful semi-precious stones was held in high esteem in Egypt and Babylon in ancient times and this was because of its rich blue colour and for its powerful magical properties. Lapis Lazuli was made in to an amulet which was a semi-precious eye set in gold and this piece of handmade jewellery was warn as it was thought to have great power so much so one of these would be placed in the burial tomes of the great kings. It was also said to help you gain success in anything you strived for.

Lately lapis lazuli has becoming more and more fashionable and can be seen in many pieces of unique jewellery and the finest of the Lapis Lazuli is becoming more and more expensive. When it has been cut and polished it is truly stunning and we can see why it is treasured in the art of handcrafted jewellery making. The natural semi-precious stone looks beautiful on its own but when it is placed with other semi-precious stones like Amazonite, Rose Quartz, Aventurine and Opals it looks truly amazing each of these other semi-precious stones setting off the natural deep blue of the stone. You are able to find many original jewellery designs where this stone has been combined with others to produce handcrafted earrings, bracelets and pendants.

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