Three Piece Suits Always Look Professional

Three piece suits consist of pants, jacket and waistcoat. They are essentially suits with a waistcoat. While most men go for traditional two piece suits at formal meetings and parties, three piece suits can help you make a unique fashion statement. There are several advantages of wearing them. They always look professional. A darker waistcoat on a light colored shirt can have trimming effect as it will take the attention away from your belly. The waistcoat will keep the tie in its place and you will not need a tie clip. Three piece suits, however, may not be appropriate at all times. You may choose to go with a simple two piece version at somber occasions such as funerals. The waistcoat may move the knot of your tie at times. You should keep an eye on it, and adjust the knot whenever required. The additional layers in three piece suits can make you warm and uncomfortable, especially during the hot weather.

The popularity of three piece suits have fluctuated over the years. Before World War II, most men wore single breasted suits to regular business meetings. More formal occasions called for a double breasted suit. However, after the war, most men stopped wearing the double breasted versions. The factories also discontinued the use of these suits simply because they needed more fabric, and there wasn’t enough demand. The waistcoats or the vests were introduced to take the single breasted suits to the next level. They were initially used to offer additional protection against the elements of weather. They soon evolved into the three piece suits you know today. They are commonly used by lawyers and business professionals. They are considered to the most formal outfits in menswear after the white tie and the black tie.

Many retail and online stores will sell three piece suits. It is important to consider certain factors before making the purchase:

Jacket The collar of the jacket should fit against your neck without pulling and bucking. Good shoulder pads will give you a trim look but do not go overboard. It can make you look bulky and awkward. Lapels and buttons should depend on your personality and body shape. The sleeves should end where your hands begin, and should reveal only a quarter-inch of your shirt sleeve.
Waistcoats Most waistcoats have an adjuster at the back to help your achieve the right fit. They should offer you full range of motion, and should be highly comfortable. They should also fit against your torso smoothly.
Pants Right fit of the trousers is crucial for the overall appearance of your suit. Avoid tight waistlines as they will highlight the additional pounds. If you have fuller figure, it may be a good idea to go with pleats. Choose cuffed trousers only if you are tall enough to handle them.

Try the suit several times before buying it. Make sure it is comfortable while sitting and standing. You should also look for good wool or blended fabrics and appropriate colors.

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