Have Fun And Learn History While Collecting Coins

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Coin collecting has long been a favorite hobby of many people, as far back as money goes. A lot of people have special curios and shelves dedicated just to their collectible currency keepsakes, collections that can run the gamut from just a few hundred dollars to thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars.

Most people discover their passion for collectible currency keepsakes early on in life. Perhaps from a grandparent or an uncle, even a long-time family friend, who pass along a special coin that they have held onto for decades, teaching the child about its meaning and the import of the coin and perhaps the person featured on the coin.

Once the passion for holding on to collectible currency keepsakes is ignited, it is generally a passion that continues on all through the collector’s life. It’s not unusual to find them at flea markets, antique stores, pawn shops, coin conventions, and more, always on the hunt for another precious piece to add to their collection.

What are considered some of the most must-have coins for those into collectible currency keepsakes or for those who are just starting their collections? They include:

• Indian Head Cent – An American classic that was in mint from 1859 to 1909. Fun fact: The woman featured on the Indian Head penny is not an American Indian, but Lady Liberty wearing an Indian headdress.
• Lincoln Wheat Cent – Following after the Indian Head Cent, the Lincoln Wheat Cent ran from 1909 until 1958.
• Buffalo Nickel – Minted from 1913 through 1938. These coins were used a lot during The Great Depression and, in fact, some were altered by transients and today are known as “Hobo” nickels, which are coveted by some collectors.
• Mercury Dime – This coin features Lady Liberty in a winged cap and was created in pure silver, a beautiful coin minted from 1916 through 1945. This coin is considered to be one of the most beautiful designs every made.
• Walking Liberty Half Dollar – A lot of collectors, a majority, in fact, will tell you this is the most beautifully crafted coin ever made. 1916 through 1947 and features Lady Liberty walking towards the rising sun on one side and a stunningly drawn and crafted American bald eagle on the other.

Collectible currency keepsakes can consist of collections you have pieced together or those you have paid for by signing up to receive each new coin in the collection. These collectible currency keepsakes include Presidential coins, state coins, and more.

No matter how your collectible currency keepsakes came into being, they are a great way to observe history and pass down traditions to newer generations. Family bonding time can be had when younger members are sat down and the history of coins are shared, including how the world was run and what things were commonplace then that might be today. It’s always fun to talk about how times have changed and what kids think will be different when they are older enough to show their coin keepsakes to their own children one day.

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