The Top 10 Mobile Phones Need the Top 10 Apps

When considering the top mobile phones you need to also consider the top mobile Apps. These days a phone is only as good as the apps that are available for download, and various operating systems are in constant competition with one another in order to develop the most attractive (and functional) applications. From Angry Birds to Words with Friends, apps are dominating the smart phone market. There will forever be certain apps exclusive to Apple and others exclusive to Android, and comparing them is really a competition between apples and oranges, but we can narrow down last years top 10 Android applications. If youre currently shopping for one of the top 10 mobile phones on the market (perhaps a Samsung Galaxy S4), you should educate yourself on which apps you want or need prior to making your purchase. This article will give you a brief overview of the apps available on the Android operating system.

For the Typing Impaired
Is your mum constant sending you SMS and emails that require a decoder ring to interpret? Perhaps you should suggest that she invest in Swiftkey 3. This app is magic for those of us who cant quite get the hang of touch screen typing, as well as for those who suffer from fat finger syndrome. Similar to how Swype works, Swiftkey “learns” about your typing habits, and (very effectively) predicts what words you will type next. Over time Swiftkey gathers data about your lexicon and can even predict your next words in email and on Facebook; oh, and it autocorrects as well. There really is no reason why you shouldnt have this app running already.

A No Brainer
If you dont already have Google Chrome downloaded then you may have a lot more to learn that what this article can teach you. Google Chrome is simply the fastest web browser out there, and once you start using it on your desktop youll want it on your mobile as well. The best part about Chrome is that you can sync it across all of your devices, so if you open a tab at home, you can pull it up again when youre on the go. Most importantly, there is no tab limitation on Chrome you can have dozens of sites open at ones, making it a necessary and valuable app for any user shopping for one of Androids top 10 mobile phones.

A Mobile Concierge
Google Now is Siris main competition and its stiff competition at that. Think of it as your new personal assistant. Able to pull data from your Google searches, calendar, sporting events, and local weather, Google Now is a seamless interface. If youre feeling overloaded with information you simply swipe away one of the cards on the main screen; Google Now will learn what you ignore and you can modify settings to only show the most important cards. Perhaps the most intelligent feature is the traffic settings; if you have an event scheduled on your calendar Google Now will notify you when it is time to leave. In cases where there is terrible traffic or an accident between your current location and your destination, you will be alerted of an alternate route to take to avoid the congestion. Siri should watch out theres a new assistant in town.

Is it Raining?
One of the best things about smart phones is their ability to tell you the weather at the drop of a hat. 1Weather is a simple, yet pretty weather app that gets the job done. Theres not much else to say about the app other than its reliable, and unobtrusive and isnt that what you want from a weather forecast?

Finally on Android…
Android users have lusted over Apples Flipboard app for what seems like ages, and its finally available in the Android Marketplace. A beautifully designed app, Flipboard organizes all your news and social information in one sleek interface. Flipboard takes a page (pun intended) out of magazine layouts, and you literally feel like youre browsing your favorite weekly circular. Even more important is that you can access stories your friends are reading so that youre always up to date on the most popular information.

For your listening pleasure, TedTalks is now available for Android. Books on tape are so “last year” and now you can listen to discussions on education, technology, entertainment and design. With a clean and simple interface, the TedTalks app makes listening to your favorite topics easier than ever. Tune into your favorite discussions (located in an ever-expanding repository) while on the tube into the office or while taking a road trip or a family vacation.

Pin It
If youre not familiar with Pinterest then youre probably not the crafty type. Not to fear Pinterest offers something for everyone. Similar to Flipboard, the Pinterest app is a user-driven collage of all of your favorite crafts, furniture, fashion and design. Log on to find out what your friends are currently obsessed with, and you may just end up with a new design for a front door wreath.

Driving Productivity
All Gmail users are inherently familiar with Google Docs, and now the Google Drive app allows you to access all of your files remotely. You have the option to make documents available offline (a handy tool for when you lack wifi) as well as the ability to update your work from any device. If youre constantly on the go (who isnt?) then you simply must download this application.

In the Cloud
Another solution to storing files is the ever handy SkyDrive . This app is courtesy of Microsoft, and is an easy way to share and store files while youre on the go. The interface takes cues from Windows phones, but the app is widely available on the Android Market.

Instant Gratification
Instagram has been an instant success, and any social media junkie will tell you that you absolutely must download this photo sharing app. Instagram can take any photo and edit it to your hearts description, making photographers of us all. Sharing is at the heart of every mobile phone user, and Instagram allows you to share priceless moments with the world.
There are an infinite number of apps currently available, and if youre an Android fan at heart youll have no trouble finding one to tickle your fancy.

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