The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 – A Great PAYG Phone

Want to save yourself some cash on your mobile services? We have got a great solution for you: get the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 pay as you go, and watch the money add up in your bank account. For those on a limited budget, this is the ideal way to get the phone and service you need without spending hundreds of pounds.

Why Going Pay As You Go Saves Valuable Cash
If you are a newbie on the mobile market, you might not understand how pay as you go plans work or how they can save you cash. Pay as you go is pretty simple. You do not sign a mobile contract and you do not get a monthly bill. Instead you go to a mobile operator and get a SIM card to put in your phone, which will enable you to connect to that provider’s network.

Then you are going to need to put some money into your mobile account. This credit will be subtracted bit by bit as you use your phone and when the credit is gone your phone loses service; you will not be able to make calls, send messages or connect to the Internet, though you will be able to receive calls and messages. Then you will need to top your credit up again, either online, through the phone, or by buying a special card with credit at a high street shop.

Why does this save you cash though? There are a couple of reasons. First, you only need to pay for services which you use. On a monthly contract you have a calling plan with an allotted amount of minutes, texts and calls, but you have to pay the same price for using all of that allotment or for just using half of them.

You will also be able to budget a lot more easily. You pay for services before you use them, so there will be no surprises in a monthly bill; you will know exactly how much you have spent. Because you are not under contract you can leave your mobile operator whenever you want. This means that if you find a cheaper deal somewhere else, you are free to take it.

For light phone users in particular, pay as you go offers big savings. Also, you can get pay as you go even if you are not able to sign contracts, if you fail the credit check required by many operators before contract signing, for example.

Why the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Pay As You Go Phone?
With many mobile contracts you get a mobile phone included in your deal. Of course, with pay as you go that is not going to happen and you will need to buy your own mobile phone. When we are looking for a great pay as you go phone, we are looking for something affordable. Since you are going to have to pay the full price of the phone up front, you are not going to want one of those £500 top end smartphones.

The reason you should get the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 as a pay as you go phone is quite simple: it offers the best selection of features and specs for its price, and that price is very affordable. You can get the full details about the Galaxy Ace 2 here, but let us lead you through the important parts so that you know what you are getting.

If you are buying a mobile, the first thing you will want to look at is what kind of processor and RAM it has, because this will tell you how fast the phone is. The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 has a dual core 800 MHz processor as well as 768 MB of RAM. This means that you have decent speed for the kind of tasks you want to perform every day without the risk of your phone lagging or being unresponsive.

Then there is the screen. On a touch screen phone you want as large a display area as possible, because you will want to read emails and web pages clearly, but also because you will want to be able to type easily on screen. The Galaxy Ace 2 has a 3.8 inch screen, which is larger than the average three and a half inch display seen on most budget smartphones.

Many of us want to take pictures with our mobiles, and the Galaxy has a solid 5 MP camera, which will be fine for quick snaps. Unlike many budget handsets, the Galaxy Ace 2 also has a front facing camera which you can use for taking pictures of yourself, or for video calling people using Skype, for example.
Finally, internal memory is also an important spec on a new mobile. You will want plenty of space to store your pictures or even music. The Galaxy has a 4 GB internal memory, which is not huge, but it also has an SD card slot which lets you plug in a cheap SD card to expand the memory up to 32 GB if you need more space.

What kind of price are you going to pay? The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 retails for around £180 SIM free, so you are not spending a fortune. This is a budget smartphone, with some very nice specs, and it is a bit of a bargain too.

Getting a Pay As You Go Plan
How do you choose a pay as you go plan to go with your new mobile phone? It does not really matter which operator you choose to go with, rates are fairly invariable- though as a general rule Virgin Mobile has the most expensive rates, whilst Three has the lowest. There is not that much difference in prices though.

One thing which you will want to do is look out for which rewards operators offer. Some will give you extra minutes or texts when you top up, whilst others reward you for frequently topping up credit or for topping up a certain amount. These special deals can also help save you money, so they are worth investigating.

In order to determine the best Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 pay as you go plan available, Phil Turner visited various tariff comparison websites.

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