Online Marketers Have A New Marketplace

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Now, more than ever, entrepreneurs, freelancers and independent business owners are looking for a better and more profitable platform to promote their expertise. is that new place. much like other online marketing platforms gives talented freelancers more opportunities to not only share what they know but to make more money while doing it. was created by online marketers for marketers. Like the other micro job sites, freelancers can make anywhere from $5 to $100 per job. Although there are many micro job market sites, has three features which are different from other sites. allows customers to “buy” online as if they are purchasing a product. Sellers can “sell” a service as a product. also offers better incentives for the marketer by giving them more opportunities to showcase and become top sellers. The biggest feature of the website is the “No Commission. No Fee” structure which means sellers never pay a commission to so the fees are set. It puts more cash in the marketers’ pocket which in turn draws in top marketing experts to use the online platform. is open to freelance graphic artists, SEO experts, writers, bloggers and other creative entrepreneurs who want to offer and deliver quality services in an effective and profitable way. Siply stated, is “Marketing of the marketer, by the marketer, for the marketer”.

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