The 5 Hidden Aspects of Courier Work

If you’re in the logistics industry that means you probably know exactly what goes into doing courier work. However, that may not be the case for your friends, your family or even your significant other. If you find yourself getting lots of questions

Some of the Strangest Courier Loads of All Time

If you’re in the logistics industry, you know courier loads can cover a large range of items, from medical equipment to marshmallows. However, no matter how diverse your cargo may be, you’re probably not expecting it to surprise you or puzzle you in

Keep Your Courier Business Covered with Business Choice Direct and Courier Exchange

One of the most important parts of doing courier work is ensuring you have the correct insurance cover you need. Of course, it can also be one of the least fun parts of the job, involving a lot of industry jargon, overlapping and competing policies a

Protect Your Courier Van and Invest in a Dash Cam

Whether you’re new to the business or have a wealth of experience in the field of courier work, it’s a great idea to invest in a dash cam. These tiny bits of tech can be crucial for anyone who finds themselves involved in a road incident or falls vic

Get Clued Up: Types of Courier Insurance

In any business, insurance is essential. It’s especially important in the field of courier work where you’re encountering a range of situations on a daily basis. Not only is it vital for your own protection (and that of your employees), but it’s a ke

How to Identify Potential Vehicle Issues with Your Senses

Before you (or one of your drivers, if you manage a fleet) get into your van and drive off to do your courier work, you should always make sure you complete your daily vehicle inspection report (DVIR). Of course, you already knew that, but what you m

Ready to Switch? Fast Facts to Know Before Going Electric

Anyone involved in courier work in any capacity couldn’t help but be aware of the growing urgency for businesses to make the switch to a more sustainable fleet of vehicles. As one of the major contributing industries to the carbon emissions problem,

Get in the Know About the New Electric Chargepoint Regulations

Whether you’re just considering it, or you’ve already made the switch to an electric vehicle (EV) for your courier work, it’s important to stay abreast of the legislation regarding charging points. On July 1, new government regulations came into forc

Which Size Fits? The Difference Between Small, Medium and Large Courier Companies

Whether you have years of experience in courier work or are just starting out, it’s crucial you know what you’re getting into when you contract with a company. While the fundamentals might stay the same – delivering goods to clients on time and in go

Is Courier Work Right for You? Find Out Here

If you’re considering getting stuck into the world of courier work, it’s important to know exactly what it entails. This is a fantastic career choice for many people, but you should be aware of all the details of the job before you begin, from the sk